Prostatomegaly Meaning

Prostatomegaly is a condition in which prostate gland become bigger in size. Usually prostate gland in men start increasing in size after 40 years of age. Benign prostate hyperplasia (enlarged prostate gland) is another name of prostatomegaly. Prostate gland is an important and main part of male reproductive system.

Prostate gland is muscular and is small in size but covers urethra. Prostate gland is responsible for production of semen in men. It surrounds urethra in men. In prostatomegaly, the cells of prostate gland start multiplying and make it bigger in size. Due to these multiplied extra cells make Prostate gland looks swollen and when it increase in size, it compresses or squeeze urethra. Due to all this, the flow of urine is disturbed.

Prostatomegaly Meaning

Prostatomegaly is not a cancerous abnormality, and it also does not spread. Prostatomegaly does not lead to cancerous condition. It imparts different effects on patient's routine life. Men above 50 years of age are mostly suffering from prostatomegaly.


Due to prostatomegaly, patient may suffer from urinary retention. Urinary retention occurs when prostate gland enlarges more than upper limit and completely blocks urethra. As a result no urine passes from urethra and leads to urinary retention. When a low amount of urine is passed and larger amount of urine stays inside bladder it leads to chronic urinary retention. Prostatomegaly imparts some symptoms which are not good for patient. Symptoms should be treated on time otherwise the symptoms may gett worse and causes further problems. Prostatomegaly was a rare condition but now a days it is getting common in society. Some of the symptoms of prostatomegaly are unbearable and requires sudden treatment.

Prostatomegaly  may occur due to many reasons and it is itself a cause of problems related to urethra. And most common one is urinary retention.

Prostatomegaly Definition

Prostatomegaly is a condition defined as enlargement of prostate gland. It is also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH. It may occur due to enlargement or multiplication of cells in prostate gland. The gland is an important part of male reproductive system. Without this men cannot reproduce because it is responsible for producing semen in men. Semen is important for the reproduction in men. So enlargement of prostate gland causes two main problems i.e. infertility due to decrease production or no production of semen and problems regarding urinary system i.e. urinary retention.

Diagnosis of prostatomegaly can be done with physical examination. A digital rectal exam can be conducted for the purpose of diagnosis. In physical examination, the physician inserts finger inside rectum and feels the size of rectum. By touching, physician can roughly estimate the size of prostate gland. If there are lumps and hard mass in the prostate gland then these indicate the presence of cancer in prostate gland.

Analysis of urine is another factor which indicates the presence of prostatomegaly in men.
Prostatomegaly is getting in society day by day because different factors are in trend now a days in society which are contributing towards prostatomegaly.

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