Prostatomegaly Severe

Prostatomegaly is a condition in which prostate gland increases in size up to an abnormal level. Prostatomegaly occurs at the age of 40 to 45 years. Prostatomegaly is the rare condition and does not cause harm at initial stage. Prostate gland is present right next to urethra and when the size of prostate gland increases, it causes problem in the flow of urine. Prostatomegaly is confirmed when the size of prostate gland increases more than 33 cc. 33 cc is equals to 30 grams.

But it is the mild form of prostatomegaly. On the basis of symptoms and the size of prostate gland, prostatomegaly is divided in to three main categories i.e. mild , moderate and severe. In mild form of prostatomegaly, the symptoms are mild and do not cause problems in routine life of patient. This form of prostatomegaly can be treated easily by following some life style modifications. These life style modifications leads to an easy way of controlling mild symptoms of prostatomegaly.

Prostatomegaly Severe

Then talking about moderate prostatomegaly, it includes symptoms at moderate level i.e. pain which causes discomfort, problems related to urinary flow and bladder. It also causes problems in the fertility of men. These symptoms do not require only life style modifications but also require medications. These medications are of great effect on prostatomegaly. These medications include alpha blockers. Other than these, hormonal therapy is also used to treat prostatomegaly. In severe prostatomegaly, the symptoms gett worse.

These symptoms include complete blockage of the urine and leads to worse urinary retention. The symptoms are not under control. Patient experience unbearable pain in the lower abdominal region. This pain makes him really uncomfortable and irritating. The treatment include the surgical removal of prostate gland from body. It is recommended so because, the medications are of no use anymore. Medications cannot control these symptoms because these are out of control in severe prostatomegaly. It is also termed as grade 3 prostatomegaly.

There are different tyeos of surgeries which are performed to remove prostate gland. Some of them are so easy that it can easily be performed in out patients and some of them require time for healing. Surgical procedures which are usually performed in case of out patients include transurethral microwave therapy, water induced thermotherapy and transurethral nasal ablation. Other than these, there are some surgical technique used in case of in patients and these techniques include simple prostectomy, transurethral resection of prostate and transurethral incision of prostate. All the techniques used for in patients, require some time for healing.

That's why patient have to take admission in hospital. The recovery time depends upon the technique and severity of condition. Surgery is considered as the last option for treating prostatomegaly. It is preferred when medications are of no more help. There are some complications which are attached to the surgical removal of prostate gland. And the most common of them is the loss of fertility in men. Because prostate gland is responsible for the production of semen in men.