Prostatomegaly Grade 2

Prostatomegaly is a medical condition in which the prostate gland increases in size. It is also named as benign prostate hyperplasia (enlargement of prostate gland). It usually occurs after 40 years of age in men. After 40 to 45 years of age, the cells of prostate gland start multiplying and the size of prostate gland start increasing.

Due to increase in size the prostate gland covers the urethra. And as a result the urine flow is disturbed and causes urinary retention. When urethra is compressed, the low volume of urine is passed and much volume of urine remains in bladder and this is called urinary retention.  Along with this the urination time also increases. Prostate gland is a muscular structure and is small in size. It is soft on touch and its physical examination is easy.

Prostatomegaly Grade 2

Prostate gland is an important part of male reproductive system. It is responsible for producing semen in men. So any problem in prostate gland will lead to decreased semen production in men and ultimately infertility occurs. Infertility and urinary retention are the two main problems regarding prostatomegaly. Prostatomegaly is not cancerous. It does not lead to a cancer state and it never spread like cancer. The size of prostate gland is the main thing in prostatomegaly. It start increasing after 40 to 45 years of age in men.

There is a limit which defines the presence of prostatomegaly in men. The size limit is 33 cc i.e. prostate gland if increases in size more than 33 cc then prostatomegaly is confirmed. 33 cc is equals to 30 grams in weight. This size limits makes the diagnosis of prostatomegaly an easy task. Radiographic imaging shows the enlargement of prostate gland.

According to size of prostate gland in prostatomegaly, it is classified in to different grades i.e. grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3. The symptoms and treatment options are different in all grades. The severity of symptoms increases moving from grade 1 to grade 3. In grade 2 prostatomegaly, the symptoms are at moderate level.

The size in grade 2 prostatomegaly is 50 percent more than usual. The frequency of urination increases and the volume of urine decreases. After urination, the patient does not become satisfied because he feels his bladder full even after urination. In case of grade 2 prostatomegaly, the medications are used instead of life style modifications. There are some alpha blockers which are used for its treatment.

These alpha blockers include prazosin, doxazosin, alfuzosin, terazosin and tamsulosin. Hormonal therapy is also used to treat grade 2 prostatomegaly. So the disturbed hormones can be treated with dutasteride and finasteride. Hormonal therapy is effective and help a lot in reversing the size of prostate gland. The alpha blockers and hormonal therapy collectively works against prostatomegaly.

These medications will control the symptoms and the size of prostate gland so it is considered the most effective treatment in combination. The diagnosis have a main role in judging the size of prostate gland and selecting the right treatment for it.