Prostatomegaly Treatment

Prostatomegaly is the term used to define benign prostate hyperplasia BPH. It is the enlargement of prostate gland up to an abnormal level. It is a natural aging phenomenon and is not considered a serious issue. But if it becomes worse, it starts leading to different complications and problems in body. The two main complications regarding prostatomegaly are urinary retention and infertility issues. The causes behind prostatomegaly are limited but the symptoms are wide. And treatment options also have wide range according to the severity of prostatomegaly. The type of prostatomegaly according to symptoms are mild, moderate and severe prostatomegaly. And treatment is selected according to these types.

Prostatomegaly Treatment

There are two types of treatment available 1st one is medical type and 2nd one is surgical treatment.
Other than these, there are some home remedies too which helps a lot in treatment of prostatomegaly. Like patient should not wait long to urinate if he feels sudden urge for urination.
Patient should urinate as soon as possible he feels urge for urination and try to empty the bladder completely.

These home remedies work a lot in treating mild form of prostatomegaly. Because there is no need of medications in mild prostatomegaly. Talking about medical treatment, it is used mainly in case of moderate prostatomegaly. Usually the medications which are prescribed for moderate prostatomegaly specially for the main complication i.e. urinary retention.

Medications include alpha blockers. Common alpha blockers used are prazosin, terazosin and doxazosin. These medications helps to relax the muscles of prostate gland and as a result, the symptoms are treated.

There are some new alpha blockers like silodosin, tamsulosin and alfuzosin. These are commonly prescribed because these have less side effects as compared to previous alpha blockers.
Some medications are used to shrink the size of prostate gland. These medications include dutasteride and finasteride. Due to shrinkage of size of prostate gland, the urinary problems may resolve. These drugs help a lot in case of moderate type of prostatomegaly. These are considered as medications for hormonal irregularities.

  • Another medicine named tadalafil is also used and is recently approved for benign prostate hyperplasia BPH. 
  • Some medications are used to calm down the muscles of bladder. These medications include, oxybutynin, merabegron, oxytrol, darifenacin, gelnique, solifenacin and trospium. 
  • Now talking about the surgical treatment of prostatomegaly, it is used for the severe type of prostatomegaly. Common surgical procedure used is transurethral resection of prostate. It is considered the gold standard. In this surgery, a small incision is made on prostate gland and removed the innermost core of prostate gland. 
  • Another surgical procedure i.e. transurethral incision of prostate , a small instrument is passed through urethra and one or two small cuts helps to reduce the size of urethra. 
  • There is a simple prostectomy, which can be performed in the office of physician. Local anesthesia is used for that purpose. Rezum therapy is used in which a water tream is injected inside prostate gland and it is also known as urolit procedure.