Prostatomegaly Symptoms

Prostatomegaly is the enlargement of prostate gland up to an abnormal level. The symptoms start appearing when the size of prostate gland increases in size more than 33 cc. 33 cc is equals to 30 grams. The symptoms at starting are mild and can be easily cured. But after some time, the symptoms become a bit worse and this phase is known as moderate prostatomegaly. But when the symptoms become out of control and become unbearable then it is termed as severe prostatomegaly. On the basis of symptoms, it is divided in to three main categories i.e. mild, severe and moderate. The treatment are also designed according to the category diagnosed. Talking about the symptoms of prostatomegaly, some specific ones are discussed below:

Prostatomegaly Symptoms

Patient experience pain in the lower abdominal region. Pain may be mild, moderate or severe according to the size of prostate gland. Mild pain is bearable while moderate need medications and severe one require sudden treatment. Patient does not feel satisfied even after urination. Because the bladder is not fully empty and incomplete bladder emptying leads to irritation.

Patient may suffer from nocturia. Nocturia is a condition in which patient feels to urinate more than 3 to 4 times at night. This makes patient really uncomfortable. Everytime when patient urinate, the stream of urine is weaker than usual and patient notice dribbling at the end of urination. This is the clear symptom of prostatomegaly.

Incontinence occurs. It means patient cannot control his urine for longer time and it leaks out. It makes patient embarrass in front of public. Patient have to strain it while urination. Because it hurts when urine passes through urethra. The stream of urine is weaker than usual. Pain with weak stream of urine indicates prostatomegaly.

Patient feels sudden urge to urinate. And have no control over urine. The stream of urine is slow and weak. Sometimes patient have to wait for urine to flow. The flow of urine is disturbed. Sometimes patient does not experience continuous stream of urine. The worse form of prostatomegaly can be judged easily when there is blood in the urine. Bloody urine is the indication of severe prostatomegaly.

All these symptoms collectively occurs in patient. The severity of symptoms depend upon the size of prostate gland. The treatment is totally dependent on the type of symptoms. Other than these symptoms there are two main complications which are related to prostatomegaly. 1st one is the urinary retention, in which the bladder is not fully empty. And very little amount of urine is passed from urethra. And most of the volume remains in the bladder.

2nd complication is the infertility in men. As prostate gland is responsible for producing semen in men. When it increases in size, the production of semen is disturbed and as a result the decreased semen leads to decrease sperm count and it becomes difficult to make a women pregnant. This condition is termed as hypospermia.