Prostatomegaly Moderate

Prostatomegaly is a medical condition in which the prostate gland increases in size up to an abnormal level. It usually occurs at the age of 40 to 45 years. The prostate gland is an important organ of reproductive system. It is responsible for producing semen in men. It is small in size and present right next to urethra. It is muscular in nature and is soft on touch. When prostate gland increases in size it start covering urethra and the flow of urine is disturbed. It leads to urinary retention.

Prostatomegaly Moderate

Urinary retention is the complication of prostatomegaly. When a little amount of urine is passed from urethra and maximum amount of urine remains inside bladder it is termed as urinary retention. When prostate gland start increasing in size, the symptoms start appearing. On the basis of symptoms, prostatomegaly is divided in to three main categories i.e. grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3 prostatomegaly.

In grade 1 the mild form of symptoms are discussed. Similarly in grade 2 prostatomegaly, the symptoms are moderate and in grade 3 the symptoms are severe. Talking about moderate symptoms of prostatomegaly, the symptoms are not severe but cause problems in everyday life. Patient feel pain in bladder and lower abdominal region. He also feels pain in prostate gland i.e. lower abdominal region of body. Patient experience following symptoms in moderate prostatomegaly:

  • Patient experience dripping at the end of urination every time. 
  • Patient have to wake up at night for more than 5 times to urinate. 
  • Patient may experience bleeding during urination. 
  • The color of urine changes. 
  • The stream of urine gets weaker than before. 
  • The smell of urine becomes toxic and unbearable. 
  • Patient may experience pain in lower abdominal region due to prostatomegaly. This pain is sometimes unbearable and causes problems in regular routine of patient. 
  • The bladder is not fully empty and patient does not feel comfortable. 
  • Patient experience the need of straining during urination. 
  • The patient suddenly feels the necessity to urinate. And this sudden urge sometimes make patient embarrass. 

There May be blood in urine. Which is the exact indication of some problems in bladder and urethra.
Problem in the fertility of men, is the rightly indication of problem in prostate gland. As it is responsible for production of the semen in men. So in prostatomegaly, the production is disturbed and as a result it leads to various problems like hypospermia ( low volume of sperms or semen per discharge).

Prostatomegaly can make patient infertile. And men will not be able to reproduce babies.
The treatment for grade 2 prostatomegaly or moderate prostatomegaly is different from grade one prostatomegaly or mild prostatomegaly because, in later one , only life style modifications are preferred. In grade 2, the medications are also use along with lifestyle modifications.

These medications include alpha blockers like prazosin, terazosin, doxazosin, alfuzosin and tamsulosin. The hormonal level are also disturbed in prostatomegaly. So hormonal therapy is also used to treat moderate prostatomegaly. Hormonal therapy include medications like finasteride and dutasteride which reduces the level of hormones.