Pros and Cons of montessori floor bed

The Montessori model enables us to provide children with many experiences, including infants! Experience liberty of movement, respect, and decisions, all of which lead to the process of learning. But to build these possibilities, you do not have to be in school. At home, there are several ways to do this. And if you're bold enough to try a bed on the floor, you might do it in your sleeping!

The chance to move easily in their room brings a sense of freedom to your infant. They get relaxed searching for new stuff, and your little one can see the world as a site for experiments to be made. They will scoot to the doorway to see if you're really gone, and scoot back to their room. Parents are also surprised to discover that when it is time to sleep, even young babies will want to get back into their bed! Your child will wake up and check to see if the book basket has new books on it. 

All this chance for activity makes the whole world feels truly exciting. When the time passes, the independence in their bedroom leads to freedom of thinking. It is normal for them to feel intrigued and then follow up on those obsessions because, from the time they were infants, they have had this independence. As they grow older, both physically and mentally, they will begin to make observations in their environment and then discover new trends and ideas from this discovery. For this kind of learning, the free movement provides a strong base.

It shows a sense of appreciation for them when your baby's bedroom is built around their interests and capabilities. A way to give your baby a space that is on their level is to have the bed on the floor. A child who grows up with this kind of respect will build a sense of confidence. They understand that they can make improvements in their environment, and from a very early age, they can influence their lives. This emotion leads to trust. Since their room was built with their abilities in mind, your baby can understand that they don't have to wait for you to come in and get them before they can do something.

There are so many ways of encouraging the learning of your baby in a Montessori environment. There are also many ways of integrating this strategy into the home for families who do not want to use the floor bed. In every aspect of the Montessori process, free movement, respect, and choice are intrinsic. The floor bed is only one of many ways to control the growth of your infant.

Pros of montessori floor bed:

It can be expensive to buy a crib for your child to use for a year or two. With a floor bed, a mattress is everything you need. So, financially, it might be a huge advantage for you.

You're not going to wake up to a baby screaming out of a crib: that's not a fun way to wake up in the morning for any of you. Instead, you can be welcomed with a smile on your face, excited to see you, by your child coming out of their room. They're not going to feel trapped—they're going to come and go as they please.

Bedtime is a challenge in certain households. Since they are confined there, a child would not want to go to their crib. They have no choice. For them, it's like a cage with legs. However, with their floor bed, they do not mind going off to bed in the evening. They can understand that if needed, they can get up, which gives them a sense of control.

You don't have to worry if you're afraid that a mattress on the floor is going to look like something from a prison movie. With some creativity, you can make a floor bed look gorgeous. Space is a blank canvas, and with it, you can do whatever you want.

When they are granted more freedom to choose what they're going to do next, some kids bloom.

You might worry less about a floor bed if you're worried that your child will fall from their crib or roll out of a toddler bed. They are lower to the level, so it's not a problem to roll out of them.

Cons of montessori floor bed:

Parents, bear in mind that floor beds are just as secure as you make them. The bed should be put in a completely baby-proofed room. Do not forget to move out some small shelving or furniture that helps the baby to climb up. The room should always be kept clean because the baby will be playing on the floor. Baby room must be cleaned and must not have any edgy thing because it might harm your baby during crawling on floor.

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