Farzana Kharal Novels List

Farzana Kharal is a prolific Urdu novelist known for her social romantic novels. Some of her notable works include:

  • Mohabbat Mangti Hai Jo By Farzana Kharal 
  • Hum Aur Bulbulen By Farzana Kharal 
  • Muhabbat Sard Rasta Hai By Farzana Kharal 
  • Mere Wo Kesri Phool By Farzana Kharal 
  • Pyar Ka Dosra Shehar By Farzana Kharal
  • Koi Ishq Waqt E Gharoob Sa By Farzana Kharal
  • Chaap Tilak Sab By Farzana Kharal 
  • Tham Gaya Shor E Junoon By Farzana Kharal
  • Phool Mandi By Farzana Kharal 
  • Mohabbat January Jesi By Farzana Kharal 
  • Peepal Ke Patton Per By Farzana Kharal
  • Ajnabi Kon Ho Tum By Farzana Kharal 
  • Tu Makeen Shehar E Jamal Ka By Farzana Kharal
  • Payar Ka Dosra Shehar By Frazana Kharal
  • December Thehar Jata Hai By Farzana Kharal 
  • Bahar Aai Hai By Farzana Kharal 
  • Yeh Kahani Hi Alag Hai By Farzana Kharal 
  • Hum Aur Bulbulen By Farzana Kharal 
  • Kabhi Tum Hijar Likho To By Farzana Kharal

These novels cover a range of social and romantic themes and have been well-received by readers.

Farzana Kharal Novels List

What are some of the unique features of farzana kharal's writing style?

Farzana Kharal's writing style is often described as unique and has the ability to keep readers engaged with her stories.

What are some of the most popular themes in farzana kharal's novels?

 Farzana Kharal's novels include social issues, romance, family, and emotions.

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