Rahat Jabeen Novel List

Rahat Jabeen, a well-known Urdu novelist, has written several novels. Some of her notable works include:

Sari bhool hamari thi novel by Rahat Jabeen

Hum bhi kitne sada thay by Rahat Jabeen

Zard mausam novel by Rahat Jabeen

Aey waqt gawahi de novel by Rahat Jabeen

Safar tamam hua by Rahat Jabeen 

Rastay Mohabbat ke by Rahat Jabeen

Titliyan Phool Aur Khushboo by Rahat Jabeen

Sheeshe ki Jhooti by Rahat Jabeen

Sirf thora sa intezar by Rahat Jabeen

Amrat aur payala novel by Rahat Jabeen

Aey waqt gawahi de novel by Rahat Jabeen

Keh Do Ik Unkahi by Rahat Jabeen 

Gulab Rastay Badal Liye by Rahat Jabeen

Mohabbat harf e aakhir novel by Rahat Jabeen

Ghalat Fehmi by Rahat Jabeen

Sawan Rut Ke Paar by Rahat Jabeen

Andheri raat main jugnoo novel by Rahat Jabeen

Surkh Gulabon Ka Mausam By Rahat Jabeen

Kaam yeh sheesha gari ka hai by Rahat Jabeen

Angna Phool Khilenge by Rahat Jabeen

Subah Sham ke Silsily by Rahat Jabeen 

Rahat Jabeen Novel List

Which rahat jabeen novel is the most popular?

Rahat Jabeen's popularity as a novelist is evident in the numerous novels she has written. However, determining the most popular novel among her works is challenging, as it depends on various factors such as reader preferences and availability. Based on the search results, some of her popular novels include:

Sari Bhool Hamari Thi by Rahat Jabeen 

Zard Mosam by Rahat Jabeen 

Sheeshe ki Jhooti by Rahat Jabeen 

Sirf Thora Sa Intezar by Rahat Jabeen 

Amrit Aur Payala by Rahat Jabeen 

What is the genre of rahat jabeen's novels?

Rahat Jabeen's novels belong to various genres, including romance, friendship, family, and social issues. Some of her novels also have elements of mystery and suspense. She has written both fiction and non-fiction, and her works have been published in various literary digests and magazines.

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