Jernide Capsule Benefits, Side effects

Jernide by Hamdard is an herbal formulation available in both syrup and capsule forms, designed to address issues related to male reproductive health. The syrup contains traditional ingredients such as Glycyrrhiza glabra, extract of Cascara sagrada, and extract of Atropa acuminata, known for their efficacy in reducing sensitivity and weakness of the male organ, controlling seminal discharges, and relieving the burning sensation during urination. The recommended dosage for the syrup is 5ml twice a day after meals.

Jernide Capsule Benefits

Jernide capsule, though mentioned in the provided text, is clarified to be available only in syrup form. The benefits of Jernide syrup include:

Reducing Sensitivity and Weakness: Jernide helps alleviate abnormal sensitivity and weakness of the male reproductive organs.

Relieving Burning Sensation: It addresses the discomfort of a burning sensation during urination.

Controlling Seminal Discharges: Jernide helps in checking excessive seminal discharges.

Preventing Nocturnal Emission: It may contribute to preventing nocturnal emissions and premature ejaculation.

Jernide Capsule Benefits, Side effects

Jernide Capsule Side Effects

While information regarding the Jernide Capsule is mentioned, specifics about its ingredients and dosage are not provided. On the other hand, Jernide Syrup, being a traditional Unani medication, targets issues like spermatorrhea, painful micturition, nocturnal emissions, abnormal sensations, and weakness of the male organ. As per available information:

No Significant Side Effects: No significant side effects have been reported with the proper usage of Jernide Syrup.

Consultation Advised: Users are advised to consult their healthcare provider before self-administering the syrup, especially to avoid potential adverse effects associated with overdosing.

Caution for Specific Groups: Women and individuals experiencing difficulty with breathing are cautioned against taking Jernide Syrup without consulting a medical professional.

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