Mahi Shah Novels List

Mahi Shah is a famous Urdu novelist who has written numerous novels.

  • Mann Mastam Ann Ishqam By Mahi Shah
  • Dilbaram Novel By Mahi Shah
  • Yusma Ka Hamees By Mahi Shah
  • Masoom Khuwahushein By Mahi Shah
  • Beast Ka Ishq Romantic Novel Mahi Shah & Habiba Khan
  • Kuch Aisa Kar Kamal Ke Tera Ho Jao Novel By Mahi Shah
  • Tere Mere Darmiyaan Urdu Novel By Mahi Shah
  • Sukoon E Qalb Novel By Mahi Shah & Hiba Khan
Mahi Shah Novels List

What is the writing style of mahi shah's novels?

The writing style of Mahi Shah's novels is focused on women's issues, such as love, marriage, and family conflicts. Her novels often depict the challenges faced by women in the context of relationships and societal expectations, particularly in the Pakistani culture. 

What is the genre of mahi shah's novels?

Mahi Shah's novels can be classified into the following genres:

Romance: Her novels often revolve around love stories and relationships, exploring themes such as love, marriage, and family conflicts.

Social Issues: Mahi Shah's novels address various social issues faced by women in Pakistan, such as the challenges of love and marriage in a conservative society.

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