Wahiba Fatima Novels List

Wahiba Fatima is a well-known Urdu novelist whose works include both love stories and thrillers and horrors. An author of diverse genres, Wahiba Fatima's collection of writing consists of horror, suspense, and love stories. Due to the fact that many of her novels are based on situations and issues that are prevalent in Pakistan, they enjoy widespread readership. Some of her popular novels include "Wahshat E Ishq," "Black Mirror Have Eyes," "Shah e Man," "Atash Ishq," "Orh li Mohabbat," "Momin Ki Gurya," "Bloody Love," and "Dark Love Saga".

Wahiba Fatima Novels List

Here is a list of some of her novels:

  • Wahshat E Ishq Season 1
  • Wahshat E Ishq Season 2
  • Black Mirror Have Eyes Season 1
  • Black Mirror Have Eyes Season 2
  • Shah e Man
  • Atash Ishq
  • Orh li Mohabbat
  • Momin Ki Gurya
  • Bloody Love
  • Dark Love Saga

Which are the most popular novels by Wahiba Fatima?

Here is the list of some of her most popular novels:

  • Ishq e khatam novel by wahiba fatima
  • Dark love saga novel by wahiba fatima
  • Naqsh e malal novel by wahiba fatima
  • Lams e akseer  novel by wahiba fatima
  • Wahiba fatima novels by kitab nagri
  • Noor e man novel by wahiba fatima

What is the genre of wahiba fatima novels?

She writes in a variety of genres, such as thrillers, horror, and love stories. Many people share her novels on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites. Some of her novels can be purchased in PDF format.

Wahiba Fatima seems to be writing her novels mostly for readers who like horror, thrillers, and love stories. Her work is believed to appeal with people in Pakistan because she frequently writes about circumstances and common concerns that people encounter in the country. 

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