Samreen Shah Novels List

Samreen Shah is a Pakistani author known for her romantic novels. Some of her notable works include:

  • Aatish E Dilam by samreen shah
  • Heer Heer Na Akho Adiyo by samreen shah
  • Man dar e ishq bashama hastam by samreen shah
  • Be rooh novel by samreen shah
  • Siempre novel by samreen shah
  • Roya firdous novel by samreen shah 
  • Dil Ka Darya Novel by samreen shah
  • Qarboont E Beram by samreen shah
  • Black Mirror by samreen shah
  • Mera rakhwala by samreen shah

Samreen Shah has written several novels with forced marriage themes. e.g. Dil Ka Darya

Samreen Shah Novels List

Which samreen shah novel is the most popular?

Some of her most well-known works include "Aatish E Dilam" and "Heer Heer Na Akho Adiyo."

What is the writing style of samreen shah's novels?

Samreen Shah is a well-known author of romantic Urdu novels. Her writing style is characterized by romantic themes and is popular among readers of romantic fiction. Some of her notable works include "Aatish E Dilam. Shah's novels are known for their engaging and romantic storytelling, making her a prominent figure in the genre of romantic Urdu literature.

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