Huma Waqas Novel List

Huma Waqas is a well-known Urdu novel writer, and her work is widely appreciated. Some of her popular novels include:

  • Anokhi Jeet by Huma Waqas
  • Jurm e Tamana by Huma Waqas
  • Harman Naseeb Na Thy by Huma Waqas
  • Charagh e Sham Se Pehly by Huma Waqas
  • Ishq Esa Ho by Huma Waqas
  • Maqsoom by Huma Waqas
  • Ajab Bandhan by Huma Waqas
  • Kali Afsana by Huma Waqas
  • Husna by Huma Waqas
Huma Waqas Novel List

Which huma waqas novel is the most popular?

Popular Pakistani novelist Huma Waqas is well-known for her romantic Urdu novels. Because her novels appeal to a diverse range of readers and have differing fan bases, it is challenging to single out one as the most popular. But compared to other novels, many of hers have received greater fame and attention. The novels listed below are some of the most well-liked ones, according to the readers opinion:

Dil Galti Kar Betha Hai

Ajab Bandhan

Harman Naseeb Na Thay




Anokhi Jeet

Mohe Piya Milan Ki Aas

Zeest Ke Hamrahi

Butter Scotch

Bhuchak Afsana

Basil Novel

What is the genre of huma waqas novels?

Huma Waqas is renowned for penning Urdu romantic novels. The majority of her novels are devoted to love and relationships. Among her bestsellers are "Dil Galti Kar Betha Hai," "Ajab Bandhan," "Harmaan Naseeb Na Thay," "Mahween," "Husna," "Maqsoom," "Anokhi Jeet," "Mohe Piya Milan Ki Aas," "Zeest Ke Hamrahi," "Butter Scotch," "Bhuchak Afsana," as well as "Basil Novel."

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