Fatima Niazi Novels List

Pakistani author Fatima Niazi is well-known for her novels. The following are some of her notable novels:

Meri Zaat Ishq By Fatima Niazi

Malal E Hayat By Fatima Niazi 

Qatil Ishq By Fatima Niazi

Tum Bin Reh Nahi Sakte By Fatima Niazi

Zandan E Zat By Fatima Niazi 

Tujhse Hai Jahan Mera Urdu Novel By Fatima Niazi

Main La Pata By Fatima Niazi

Ajnabi E Misar By Fatima Niazi

Gul E Khardar By Fatima Niazi

Rooh Ke Makeen By Fatima Niazi 

Mohabbat Zard Gulab Si By Fatima Niazi

Kehnda Ae Zamana Menu Bigra By Fatima Niazi

Fatima Niazi Novels List

What is the genre of fatima niazi novels?

Novels by Fatima Niazi cover a variety of genres, including romance, thrillers, and social themes. Among her well-known compositions are "Mohabbat Zard Gulab Si" and "Zandan E Zaat."

What are some common themes in fatima niazi novels?

Themes that Fatima Niazi writes about in her novels include romance, societal issues, and thrillers. Her novels frequently deal with themes of love, betrayal, retaliation, family relationships, society norms, and power struggles. 

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