Autumn Fantasy Maple Tree Pros and Cons

A cross between Red and Silver Maple, Autumn Fantasy Maple combines the finest qualities of both species. It grows much faster than other red maples and produces stunning ruby-red foliage in the fall. This tree is drought-tolerant once established. This maple is a wonderful choice for a street tree or a lawn tree. This contains almost no seeds, therefore it is important feature for those looing for such maple variety.

Autumn Fantasy Maple is a wonderful choice for a shade tree in areas with a variety of soil conditions. This variety tolerates a wide range of soil and moisture conditions, but it grows best where there is consistent moisture, proper drainage, and adequate nutrients. This tree's fall color is steady and doesn't change depending on where it is planted or the weather.

Autumn Fantasy Maple Tree Pros and Cons

Autumn Fantasy Maple provides an excellent habitat for small mammals and birds due to its dense canopy and branching. Granivorous (seed-eating) birds are unlikely to visit the tree in large numbers due to its limited seed yield. Young twigs are tender and palatable to deer; therefore, during winter and fall, low branches can be nibbled.


Rapid Growth

The Autumn Fantasy Maple is distinguished by its remarkable rate of growth, which is one of its most notable characteristics. This tree, with an annual growth rate of 3-4 feet, can rapidly transform the surroundings, giving much-needed shade and esthetic appeal.

Brilliant Fall Color

The autumn fantasy maple emerges prominently during the autumn season, exhibiting a mesmerizing strawberry-red canopy. This maple always provides a breathtaking display of fall foliage, even in the unpredictability of the Southern states.


Its exceptional flexibility makes it a versatile option, doing well in a wide range of environments, from gardens that receive regular watering to those that get only sporadic moisture.

Wildlife Value

Autumn Fantasy Maple's branching architecture and deep canopy provide a haven for birds and small creatures. Choosing this tree for the backyard is more than just landscaping; it is about nurturing a mini-ecosystem.

Disease resistance

This Autumn Fantasy Maple offers a pollen-free alternative for people who suffer from allergies to pollen. This tree provides an allergen-free environment for individuals with sensitivity to pollen, as it is a female species that does not produce pollen.


Before planting, it is essential to consider the potential disadvantages of the Autumn Fantasy Maple, despite its many positive attributes. some negative aspects are:

Drought Tolerance

The tree exhibits remarkable resistance to drought once it is established. It is crucial to provide consistent watering to ensure optimal growth in diverse weather conditions during its first year.

Trunk Protection

This autumn fantasy maple needs extra care during the winter because its bark is incredibly thin. A trunk wrap protects the tree from deer damage, extending its lifespan.

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