Double Drop Longboard Pros and Cons

The double drop longboard is a particular kind of longboard where the trucks are positioned on two descending slopes, or "drops," in the deck design. Due to its lower to the ground design, the board is more stable and easier to push and brake. Combining the characteristics of both drop down and drop through boards, double drop longboards are a special kind of longboard that are twice as low to the ground as standard longboards.

The lowered platform distinguishes double drop longboards. These boards, in contrast to conventional longboards, include trucks and deck that are much closer to the ground. Riders have a greater connection to the surface and more stability thanks to this low-riding design.

Their exceptional stability is one of the main benefits of double drop longboards. These boards have unparalleled balance, making them perfect for riders of all skill levels, whether you are carving tight curves or speeding down hills. You can ride safely and smoothly even at high speeds due to the lowered center of gravity.

Double Drop Longboard Pros and Cons

Double drop boards are frequently preferred by longboard enthusiasts. Riders can comfortably navigate steep descents and sharp curves as a result of their stability and control. Instead of worrying about losing their balance when riding a double drop longboard, riders can concentrate on honing their skills and learning downhill maneuvers.


Enhanced Stability

Double drop longboards are perfect for downhill and beginner riders because of their low center of gravity, which offers outstanding stability.

Smooth Cruising Experience

Since the platform is lowered, there is less wind resistance, which enables riders to cruise at high speeds without difficulty.

Easy Pushing and Foot Braking

Pushing and foot braking are more convenient with the lowered deck because it takes less effort and offers better control.


Due to their flexibility, double drop longboards may be used for cruising, freeriding, and downhill riding.

Reduced Fatigue

Long rides become less taxing for the rider because of the ergonomic design, which lessens strain on the legs.


Limited Maneuverability

Double drop longboards may be more difficult to turn and perform intricate tricks due to to their lower height.

Less Responsive

Double drop longboards may be less sensitive than standard skateboards, therefore riders must anticipate moves.

Not Ideal for Tricks

These boards are less suited for riders who like to perform complex moves because they are not made for complex maneuvers.

Potential Ground Clearance Issues

Steep slopes or uneven terrain may cause the lower deck to have problems with ground clearance, which could result in scraping.

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