Coil Spacer Lift Pros and Cons

You may have heard of the term "coil spacer lift" if you're an ardent off-roader or simply want to give your car a more aggressive stance. This popular upgrade has garnered popularity in the automotive industry, but like any customized modification, it comes with its own pros and cons. 

What Are Coil Spacer Lifts?

Coil spacer lifts are engineered parts composed of materials like high-density polyurethane or metal. They are also known as coil spring spacers or coil spring isolators. When the car passes over bumps or uneven ground, the suspension compresses more due to the spacers that are installed above or below the current coil springs.

Coil Spacer Lift Pros and Cons

How Do Coil Spacer Lifts Work?

When a vehicle's suspension compresses, the coil springs contract, and the spacers allow for further compression. When going off-road, this increased range of motion has a number of advantages, including as better shock absorption, less bottoming out, and more stability.


Improved Ground Clearance

The increased ground clearance that a coil spacer lift offers is among its most obvious advantages. You can drive through uneven terrain with less chance of damaging the undercarriage by lifting the vehicle's body.

Affordable Lift Solution

Coil spacer lifts are significantly more affordable than other lift kit kinds. They provide an affordable approach to get a raised appearance without going over budget.

Keeps Factory Ride Quality

The ride comfort of a car is often not significantly affected by coil spacer lift. Your car's original ride quality is maintained because the suspension system is not completely replaced.

Easy Installation Procedure

Coil spacer lifts can be installed without the need for complex technical knowledge and are fairly easy to do so. For enthusiasts, it is a do-it-yourself project because many kits include comprehensive instructions.

Room for Larger Tires

Coil spacer lifts provide more room that enables the mounting of larger tires. This increases the vehicle's performance and off-road traction in addition to its aesthetics.


Limited Articulation

Coil spacer lifts may result in reduced suspension articulation, limiting the capacity of the wheels to flex. This restriction may in some circumstances have an impact on off-road performance.

Impact on Suspension Geometry

Coil spacers that are poorly placed or of poor quality might alter the vehicle's suspension geometry, causing problems with alignment and uneven tire wear.

Ride Toughness

While coil spacer lifts often maintain the factory ride quality, the altered spring rate can result in a firmer ride.

Long-Term Resilience

In comparison to more expensive lift kits, coil spacer lifts may have a shorter lifespan. Some spacers may require replacement because the materials they are made of deteriorate with time.

Aesthetic Considerations

Despite the fact that coil spacer lifts increase height, they might not have the same aesthetic appeal as a complete suspension lift. The aesthetic appearance could be seen as less unified.


  1. Use a floor jack to safely lift the car, then use jack stands to keep it in place.
  2. Access the suspension parts by taking off the wheels.
  3. Use a coil spring compressor to compress the coil springs in a secure manner.
  4. To make room for the spacers, remove the existing shock absorber.
  5. Following the manufacturer's instructions, place the coil spacers above or below the coil springs.
  6. Reattach the wheels and shock absorber.

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