Burgundy Belle Maple Pros and Cons

Maple trees are adored for their beauty, their capacity to give shade, and their breathtaking fall color display. The Burgundy Belle Maple (Acer rubrum 'Magnificent Magenta') stands out as a notable variety.

The Burgundy Belle Maple, sometimes known as the Magnificent Magenta Maple, is a red maple cultivar. It accentuates the beauty and brightness of any environment with its deep crimson leaf. Consider the pros and cons before planting this tree. 


Vibrant Foliage

The Burgundy Belle Maple is distinguished by its exquisite leaves. The leaves exhibit various shades of green in the spring and summer, changing to a rich burgundy color in the fall. The bright colors of this tree make it a visual delight in any garden or park.

Burgundy Belle Maple Pros and Cons

Fast Growth

Burgundy Belle Maple is an excellent choice if you want a tree that takes root quickly. Since it grows quickly, you can benefit from its beauty and shade sooner rather than later. This tree can grow to a sizable height in a matter of years, improving the beauty of your landscape.


Burgundy Belle Maple trees are well-known for their tolerance to many soil conditions. They are adaptable and a good option for many places because they can grow in a variety of environments, including wet or dry soil. 

Wildlife Attraction

The Burgundy Belle Maple attracts biodiversity. Its lush foliage and abundant shade provide a safe haven for a variety of birds and small animals. The flowers and seeds of the tree are also a valuable food source for birds and insects, increasing the biodiversity of your surroundings.

Excellent Shade Tree

One of the main reasons homeowners grow this tree is to provide shade. Its vast canopy provides adequate shade during hot summers, allowing you to enjoy your outside space comfortably.


Surface Roots

The tendency of Burgundy Belle Maple trees to establish surface roots is one of their drawbacks. Sometimes these roots might be a problem because they elevate sidewalks or interfere with surrounding constructions. The effects of surface roots can be reduced with careful design and routine maintenance.

Susceptibility to Some Pests

Although Burgundy Belle Maple trees are often disease-resistant, some pests can still damage them. These trees are known to be infested by aphids and scale insects, thus proper controls may be needed to keep their populations under control.

Short Lifespan

Burgundy Belle Maple trees have a brief lifespan when compared to several other tree species. They have a lifespan of 20 to 30 years on average. 

Fall Cleanup

While the fall foliage of the Burgundy Belle Maple is undeniably gorgeous, it does require some effort to clean up. The ground can quickly become covered with leaves, necessitating routine raking or blowing.

Pruning Requirements

Periodic trimming of the Burgundy Belle Maple is required to keep it healthy and in good form. The growth of this tree may result in several trunks or branches that cross one another. Such problems can be resolved and adequate tree structure is ensured by routine trimming. This aspect can be important to you if you don't like pruning or would rather have a low-maintenance tree.

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