Saskatraz Bees Pros and Cons, Facts, Temperament, Reviews

The Saskatchewan bees known as Saskatraz are the result of an effort to create a stable, disease-resistant, and highly productive bee from lineages of bees in Saskatchewan. After being checked out, the bees are sent to Orland, California. To expand the number of this type of bees available, the bees are grown and employed for queen raising.


Meadow Ridge Enterprises Ltd. produced the Saskatraz bees in conjunction with the University of Saskatchewan and queen breeders from Manitoba and Saskatchewan in Canada.

The objective was to create a bee that has all the positive and advantageous characteristics of these honey bee colonies. In this method, the bees would be able to fight the problems naturally, without the need for miticides, while simultaneously performing their roles as delicate pollinators and producers of honey.

Saskatraz Bees Pros and Cons, Facts, Temperament, Reviews

The project's primary driver would undoubtedly be financial. This race is wonderful for pollination services since the queen is so excellent at her job.


Saskatchewan's winters can be extremely harsh. The bees have developed the ability to survive in conditions as low as -22°F and make it until spring. The hygienic habit of worker bees demonstrates tolerance. When young adult bees are afflicted with mites, they can identify them. These are removed from their caps and expelled, which reduces the number of mites in the hive.


The pesticides and other chemicals that we have used to eradicate these unwanted organisms have had a detrimental effect on the bees' immune systems. Since then, they have fallen victim to every illness that comes their way. Saskatraz bees have been bred through the process of natural selection. They are superior than the majority of the other available bee races in terms of strength.

Honey production in the fall should be sufficient to sustain the bees through the colder months. Otherwise, you will be considerate enough to keep some honey behind when you extract it to meet their requirements. Saskatraz bees have the outstanding ability to produce honey which reduces the risk of honey shortage in the winter season.

The main Attributes of these bees are:

  1. Outstanding ability to produce honey
  2. Capability to endure the cold of winter
  3. Breeding goals included enhanced varroa tolerance as well as disease resistance in the offspring.
  4. Exhibit improved standards of cleanliness.


Unfortunately, you won't be able to graft this particular strain of bees on your own. The necessary infrastructure and the associated costs of hiring competent personnel are substantial.


Saskatraz honey bees are calm and friendly, just like Italian bees. They are excellent producers of honey and comb. Honey bees from the Saskraz region are known for their high production of propolis, wax, and beebread. In general, they possess the same positive qualities as a bee breed typically utilized by professional and amateur beekeepers.


In terms of temperament, Saskatraz honey bees are an absolute pleasure to work with. They are exceptionally efficient workers and pollinators. In my experience, they are identical to Russian bees and very pleasant to handle. They are not as docile and mellow as certain Carniolan bees, but they are also not very aggressive.

Additionally, the Saskatraz bees have excellent characteristics that help them overcome many difficulties that beekeepers encounter. They can withstand infections from fungi and mites like Varroa and Tracheal. In the fight against colony collapse disorder, they might prove to be a beneficial step forward.

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