PROstep MIS Surgical Technique, Recovery, Reviews | Lapiplasty vs PROstep

PROstep MIS is a minimally invasive technique that uses tiny tools and incisions to eliminate your bunions. Because of the techniques employed in this operation, you will heal faster than with regular surgery because there will be less inflammation, scarring, and pain.

In comparison to open surgery, PROstep minimally invasive surgery allows patients to return to their feet faster, with less discomfort and smaller incisions. PROstep is redefining the standard of care in order to assist you in combating bunion pain.

PROstep MIS Surgical Technique

  • Traditional bunion treatment consists of open-foot surgery that leaves three- to five-inch scars on the side of the foot and can take up to a month to heal completely.
  • Because of the substantial discomfort, pressure cannot be applied to the foot following surgery.
  • Bunion removal is done with a micro sagittal saw that is used to open the skin and/or the joint.
  • The PROStep Minimally Invasive Surgery has revolutionized the treatment of bunion deformity.
  • A 3 to 5-millimeter incision is made in the foot to perform the PROStep surgery, rather than a big open procedure.
  • To remove the bunion, the micro sagittal saw is replaced with a precise rotating burr.
  • There is less damage to soft tissue during surgery, ensuring adequate blood flow to the bone.
  • Without an appropriate blood supply, bone tissue formation, maintenance, and repair are compromised.
  • The PROStep Minimally Invasive Surgery treatment does not separate soft tissue from the bone, allowing for constant blood flow throughout the procedure.
  • Furthermore, there is no requirement for the soft tissue to heal back to the bone.
  • A consistent blood supply reduces recovery time by allowing the bone to repair faster and removing unneeded pain.
  • Most importantly, the operation is completed in one day, allowing you to return to your regular routine with little disruption.
PROstep MIS Surgical Technique, Recovery, Reviews | Lapiplasty vs PROstep

PROstep MIS Surgical Technique Recovery

PROstep MIS is a very low-risk procedure that removes your bunions with small tools and small incisions. The techniques employed in this treatment ensure a faster recovery time than traditional surgery, since you will have less swelling, scarring, and pain.

Patients who have undergone PROstep MIS are back to their normal activities within days. You'll begin by wearing a walking boot as you go about your daily routine. In six weeks, you'll be able to wear conventional shoes again.

PROstep MIS Surgical Technique Reviews

When performed by a skilled surgeon, minimally invasive bunionectomy is an ideal procedure for a bunionectomy. With fewer problems and better outcomes, a minimally surgical realignment osteotomy with screw fixation appears to be the optimum way of treatment.

It's an outpatient process that's usually done at a same-day center where you'll get personalized attention. After bunion surgery, most people can put all of their weight on their feet right away, and it doesn't hurt at all compared to traditional bunion surgery.

PROstep MIS Surgical Technique vs Lapiplasty

Both Lapiplasty 3D bunions treatment and PROstep MIS are great bunion procedures that give excellent results with minimal recovery time. The key benefit of lapiplasty is that it uses 3D surgical procedures to lower the likelihood of recurrence, whereas the main benefit of PROstep MIS is that it uses minimally invasive techniques to make recovery easier.

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