Airsculpt Pros and Cons

AirSculpt is a revolutionary, minimally invasive laser liposuction method that eliminates the need for needles, stitches, and general is. It is known as "lunchtime lipo" because of the short procedure time and quick recovery duration, it has become a popular treatment for those who want to lose weight quickly. Although research on AirSculpt is limited, the safety and efficacy of the process can be deduced from previous studies on similar laser lipo techniques.

First, a 2mm skin incision is made to inject a numbing solution (local anesthetic) into the fat. AirSculpt gets its name from the fact that it is used to create sculptures. Drugs may be used if necessary to help you relax.

After that, a laser is introduced to generate heat and dissolve the fat. The final step is to extract the fat using a tiny tube (cannula). The whole treatment is comparable to that of various laser lipo operations, which often require general anesthesia.

Airsculpt Pros and Cons

When you come for your AirSculpt session (which will be a few weeks after your initial visit with the surgeon), you will be taken into an operating theater and asked to change into a surgical gown. Your doctor will draw lines on your body to indicate the places where undesirable fat will be removed and contoured. You'll be given prescription medicine (typically Xanax) and administered nitrous oxide to help you relax. A needle-free jet injector will be used by a member of your doctor's medical staff to begin numbing the area (a device that uses high air pressure to administer local anesthesia).

Depending on how much fat you have to remove and how many areas you want to get rid of, the fat removal process can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 4 hours.

As soon as the procedure is over, you will be taken to a recovery room and dressed in a compression garment, which will help to keep the edema down and improve your outcomes. The garment conceals cushioned bandages, and you will be sent home with additional pads to replace them on a regular basis.

Airsculpt Pros

The extra fat that is removed might be used to augment another area, such as the face, hips, or breasts, or it can be used to revitalize the hands and fingers. It requires less recovery than standard liposuction: approximately three days vs a week. The treatment can be used to contour a range of places, including the hips, belly, love handles, arms, and back, as well as the area beneath the chin.

Additionally, this laser lipo technique provides modest skin tightening, as the laser's heat stimulates collagen formation. You will not require general anesthesia for this procedure.

Airsculpt Cons

Bruising, swelling and the chance of infection are all dangers that can be encountered. This surgery, like all others in the lipo family, is purely aesthetic in nature and is not meant to aid in weight loss. A minor scar may form as a result of the puncture incision used to insert the device.

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