Green Vase Zelkova Pros and Cons, Growth Rate, Problems

Green Vase Zelkova is a deciduous tree with an elegantly arching structure and perfectly shaped branches. Its fine texture distinguishes it from other ornamental plants with coarser foliage. This is a low-maintenance tree that benefits from late winter pruning after the threat of harsh cold has gone. It does not have any significant drawbacks.

Green Vase Zelkova reaches a height of nearly 70 feet and a spread of 50 feet at maturity. It has a large canopy and a normal clearance of 6 feet from the ground; it should not be planted beneath transmission lines. As this tree ages, lower branches can be strategically trimmed to create a canopy tall enough to allow uninterrupted human traffic beneath. It grows rapidly and can expect to live for 70 years or more under optimal conditions.

This tree should be grown in direct sunshine exclusively. It is quite adaptable to both dry and moist environments and should thrive in most home landscape situations. It is not picky about the type of soil or the pH. It can tolerate some urban pollution. 

Green Vase Zelkova Pros

The Green Vase Zelkova has everything you might desire in a shade tree, from aesthetic value throughout the year to pest and disease resilience to robust, tolerant growth.

The vase-shaped tree, which is covered with oblong, dark green leaves during the spring and summer, provides months of magnificent color and aesthetic intrigue. The fall display of the Zelcova will dazzle with an array of shades ranging from rusty orange to bronze and even light yellow.

This hardier substitute for the American Elm provides better aesthetic value and disease resistance, as well as the assurance of easy, robust growth. It is resistant to Dutch elm disease and has a high level of tolerance for elm leaf beetles and Japanese beetles.

Green Vase Zelkova Pros and Cons, Growth Rate, Problems

Green Vase Zelkova Cons

There are no significant insect or disease problems. Dutch elm disease resistance is high. Necrosis, wilts, and cankers of the phloem are all possible complications. Leaf miners, insects, and scale are all frequent visitors. During the hot and dry summer months, spider mites can become an issue.

Green Vase Zelkova Growth Rate

Their medium stature makes them suitable for residential gardening, and their vase-like appearance of upright branches spreading out above a short stem makes them suitable for use as street trees. Additionally, they grow quickly, multiplying in height every four to six years, providing excellent shade. Their dark green foliage that becomes reddish-purple in the fall and their fascinating spotty mature bark, are their primary attractive features. Zelkovas thrive in suburban and seaside areas when they are properly sited and cared for.

Green Vase Zelkova Problems

It resists Dutch Elm disease and the elm leaf beetle, thus it's usually disease-free. Zelkova is susceptible to canker infections, even more so if the trunk is pierced repeatedly. Avoid causing injury and sustain the health of the tree.

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