Autumn Blaze Maple Pros and Cons

Autumn blaze maple trees combine stunning fall colors with a shapely design, making them an excellent choice for large-scale landscaping. Autumn blaze maple tree is a cross between red maple trees and silver maple trees, both of which are indigenous to North America. They have a spherical or oval crown and a thick, upward branch pattern. Autumn blaze maple trees thrive quickly—under ideal conditions, they can grow as fast as 2 feet per year. Their leaves turn a stunning orange-red color in the fall.

Autumn blaze maple trees, like many other large landscaping trees, require minimal maintenance. Initially, you must maintain a moist soil environment surrounding their roots while they are still young. Similarly, they only require trimming in late spring or early summer every 3 to 5 years. Fertilizing is also not necessary if you plant them in slightly rich soil.

Autumn blaze maple trees can serve as both rapidly growing shade trees and masterpieces valued for their vibrant fall foliage in your yard. They're also pollution-tolerant, which is vital if you're going to plant them near a busy route. They, like other urban trees, may adapt to a variety of soil conditions.

Autumn Blaze Maple Pros and Cons

However, these big trees are susceptible to structural vulnerability. During violent storms, the tree may readily shatter at branch unions, resulting in branch loss. Pruning on a regular basis aids in the preservation of the tree's structure. While their strength and tolerance for pollution are beneficial characteristics, it is their fast-growing nature and fall beauty that assures their place among the best landscape trees. The only disadvantage is that the autumn blaze maple is shallow-rooted, so the roots may protrude from your grass over time.

Autumn Blaze Maple Pros

They aren't choosy when it comes to soil. Your Autumn Blaze Maples will adapt and grow regardless of whether your soil is acidic, basic, or anywhere in between. 

Autumn Blaze Maples are so adaptable that they may thrive in both dry and wet conditions. Autumn Blaze Maples can live in almost any area due to their great drought resistance and capacity to endure rainy conditions. 

Autumn Blaze Maples can reach a height of 3 feet in a single year. This is a very rapid growth rate for a maple tree, which means you'll get all of the benefits of a mature tree much earlier.

Autumn Blaze Maple as a tree serves both purposes, growing rapidly as a big shade tree and masterpiece valued for its beauty to your landscape.

Autumn Blaze Maple Cons

The structural fragility of the Autumn Blaze maple is a major disadvantage. Even light storms cause the tree to shatter easily at branch unions, resulting in broken branches and property damage. Property owners must invest in regular tree care to avoid issues with Autumn Blaze maple trees.

Pruning autumn blaze maples every 3 to 5 years is required to keep them in good condition. Pruning the tree on a regular basis helps to keep the tree's structure sound. The roots and the canopy are the two key care challenges for this tree.

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