Split King bed Pros and Cons

A split king mattress is the same size as a king-size bed, but instead of being a single uniform bed, it is two identical twin XL mattresses positioned next to each other. For couples with varying sleep needs, a split king mattress is perfect. Split kings are also wonderful with adjustable beds.

Unlike typical king-size beds, split king mattresses allow individuals to alter the bed according to their preferences without waking their sleeping partner. Furthermore, some manufacturers provide personalized split kings, which allow couples to choose how firm or soft they want their bed to feel, which is a nice feature for couples who have quite varied sleep preferences.

Split king beds are a unique and slightly more complicated bed option than normal king beds, and as such, they require some research and testing before purchase. However, for all the additional benefits they bring, split king beds are well worth the effort.

To cover your regular king mattress you just need a single sheet. However, there are two Twin XL mattresses, which means you need two Twin XL sheets for your split king.

To hold the sheets on the mattress as they move with the adjustable base, you need a sheet with particular properties. Fitted sheets with extra-deep pockets, large flat sheets with sheet straps, or suspenders below the mattress keep your sheets in place.

To fill in gaps, wrap a long strap — similar to a flat ratchet strap — around the perimeter of the mattresses and buckle it to hold them together. Then, in the center of the bed, lay a foam wedge to conceal the gap between the mattresses.

Split King bed Pros and Cons

Split King bed Pros

A split king bed allows partners to personalize their half of the bed. If one person prefers a harder bed while the other prefers a softer bed, a split design allows them to have it both ways. While the physical split does not create a gap, it does provide a built-in line of separation, allowing each person to stay on their side of the bed or snuggle in the middle. 

It enables you to purchase a split adjustable base, which allows each partner to choose their level of comfort. This is the most prevalent reason why individuals choose a split king bed setup.

Split King bed Cons

The most obvious and frequent difficulty with a split setup is the separation of twin XL mattresses. If you don't have a firm base, your mattresses may begin to slip apart over time, creating a visible gap between the two beds. 

Purchasing bedding can be a little more difficult. Two fitted twin XL sheets can be used in conjunction with one king flat sheet and a king comforter, or full king bedding can be used.

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