Snake Eyes Piercing Pros and Cons

A horizontal tongue piercing on the tip of the tongue is known as a snake eyes piercing. It is occasionally referred to as a front tongue piercing and is supposed to resemble the eyes of a snake. Before receiving your piercing, you should locate a piercer with whom you feel comfortable and who practices good hygiene. Inquire about the instruments he intends to utilize, as well as the disinfection of equipment in his facility.

Choosing a piercer with a good reputation and asking questions are the most effective ways to protect yourself from potentially dangerous procedures. If you don't feel comfortable with a piercer, look for someone else.

Snake Eyes Piercing Pros and Cons

Before opting whether or not to proceed with your plan to get a snake eyes piercing, you should consult with your piercer to learn about the potential hazards associated with the procedure. 

The aftercare products will be necessary once you have learned about the hazards and decided to take a risk and go for it. That way, when your new piercing is finished, you will be fully prepared to care for it.

Snake Eyes Piercing Pros

  • Tongue piercing allows you to identify yourself in a new way.
  • You can also be imaginative and choose from a different array of tongue piercings to complement your personality. Because of their horizontal position and edgy appearance, snake eyes piercings are among the most distinctive mouth piercings available.
  • It is possible to tone up or down this piercing depending on how noticeable you want it to be.
  • In comparison to other types of body piercings, a tongue piercing has the advantage of causing less bleeding.
  • One of the advantages of tongue piercings is their concealability. You can conceal them as long as you avoid developing the habit of protruding your tongue.
  • In spite of the fact that many people are unfamiliar with the term "snake eyes piercing," it is becoming increasingly popular among celebrities and trendsetters.

Snake Eyes Piercing Cons

  • In the opinion of the majority of piercers, snake eye piercing is dangerous. A large number of professional piercing places refuse to do so. There is a considerable chance of gum rejection, tooth-breaking, or chipping. Most people will avoid getting this piercing because of the potential health hazards.
  • In addition to the obvious health hazards associated with snake eye piercings, there is concern about the unknown long-term consequences associated with the procedure. The piercing connects two muscles of the tongue, preventing autonomous mobility. The long-term implications are unknown at this time. It can also be painful to remove the piercing, which can leave a bad scar behind
  • All tongue piercings encounter the same problems, and snake eye piercing is no exception. The recovery period is lengthy, taking 4-8 weeks for the edema to subside and 2-3 months for the wound to completely heal. Although it is not the longer healing time in terms of piercings, the fact that it is inside your mouth makes it seem much longer.
  • In general, it's easier to take care of a regular tongue piercing because the piercing is placed in the middle of the tongue, where it is more secure. It takes only 2-4 weeks for swelling to go down after surgery since there is less interaction with teeth and the mouth.

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