Pros and Cons of Lumify Eye Drops

Lumify (brimonidine) eye drops are available over-the-counter and do not require a prescription. Lumify eye drops are intended to treat mild eye discomforts that cause redness. When used as indicated, it preferentially targets redness in your eyes, resulting in a lesser risk of the negative effects common with other redness treatments. This can considerably decrease redness, allowing your eyes to appear whiter, bright, and more beautiful for up to eight hours.

Other redness treatments tighten the arteries in your eyes, preventing oxygen from reaching the eye. And while this temporarily relieves redness, it frequently leads to relapse redness. Which, in a way, diminishes the value.

Low-dose brimonidine, on the other hand? It works in a unique way. Low-dose brimonidine constricts the venules, reducing redness while allowing oxygen to flow freely. When used as directed, this product provides whiter, brighter-looking eyes that last up to 8 hours with a low risk of rebound redness.

Prior to the introduction of LUMIFY, doctors were reluctant to recommend redness-relieving eye drops due to the known risks associated with them. LUMIFY, on the other hand, is unique. Patients can now benefit from a product that eye doctors can highly suggest to them.

Doctors prefer LUMIFY because it has a lower risk of rebound redness and does not contain any bleach or dyes, which makes it more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, when used as guided, it has been medically found to be reliable, useful, and to retain its efficacy over time. It's no surprise that it's the most frequently recommended redness reliever eye drop by eye doctors.

Pros and Cons of Lumify Eye Drops

Pros of Lumify Eye Drops:

Typical redness relief eye drops, for starters, contain active ingredients that are non-selective in their action. When you take non-selective redness relief eye drops on a regular basis, you may build a resistance to the drug As a result, typical redness relief eye drops end up losing their efficacy and frequently cause redness to return.

Lumify, on the other hand, lowers the diameter of capillaries in your eye specifically. This selective oxygenation allows more oxygen to reach other parts of your eye, making them seem brighter and whiter. Lumify eye drops significantly reduces the likelihood of rebound redness if the origin of redness is non-infectious. They are generally safe among all populations with exception of people who are hypersensitive to brimonidine.

Lumify eye drops belong to the pharmacological drug category called alpha-adrenergic agonists which are better and newer agents used to reduce eye redness by restricting excessive lacrimation.

Cons of Lumify Eye Drops:

Though Lumify eye drops are generally safe, however,  extra care should be taken if you are allergic or hypersensitive to brimonidine. It is not intended for all kinds of redness and discomfort especially in the case eye of redness and inflammation associated with some underlying eye infection or any other pathological abnormality. So, always consult with your doctor or pharmacist before using these eye drops.

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