Pros and Cons of Algaecal

AlgaeCal is a red algae-based calcium supplement developed by AlgaeCal Inc. AlgaeCal states that its supplements help to reduce bone loss, promote bone strength, and are easy to absorb. According to the research studies, because the algae plant extracts calcium and micronutrients from ocean water, the calcium is "pre-digested," making it more bio-available and "bone cell-friendly."

Calcium supplements are marketed in two major formulations: calcium carbonate and calcium citrate. These substances are either inorganic (chemically processed) or organic (found in rocks like limestone). As soon as the calcium-containing supplements come into contact with your stomach acid, they disintegrate and the calcium can be absorbed into your body. AlgaeCal claims that since their product is obtained from plants, it is more bioavailable for absorption as compared to another form of calcium. Calcium obtained from algae, on the other hand, is still calcium carbonate and is not a novel form of calcium supplementation.

Furthermore, there is no conclusive data evaluating the efficacy of AlgaeCal versus calcium carbonate and calcium citrate. Because certain vitamins and minerals are found to increase the absorption rate of calcium, the inclusion of these vitamins and minerals in the AlgaeCal may contribute to the supplement's increased effectiveness rather than claiming its natural source as a distinguishing factor. 

Pros of Algaecal

As per the manufacturer's claim, Algaecal has multiple advantages over other available over-the-counter calcium supplements, like its organic source, which increases the bioavailability of calcium for absorption in the body.

It comes from a natural source that contains some other trace elements essentially required by our body and these elements are also found to increase the absorption rate of calcium. It does not contain any chemical additives due to its natural source and is easy to disintegrate and dissolve in the stomach.

Those having problems or can't tolerate other formulations of calcium like calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, or calcium gluconate should try this supplement as it is more bone-friendly as compared to other formations of calcium.

Pros and Cons of Algaecal

Cons of Algaecal

There is not enough data to conclude the enhanced efficacy and bioavailability of Algaecal over other supplements like calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, or calcium gluconate.

There are so many calcium formulations available over the counter that contain vitamins and trace elements that are found to increase calcium bioavailability and those are less expensive than Algaecal. As it comes through plant origin, people who are hypersensitive to natural products should use it with caution and always consult with health care providers before taking such supplements.

Price is also a concern as there are a lot cheaper alternatives of calcium are available on the market with the same strength.

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