Medusa Piercing Pros and Cons

A medusa piercing is a type of lip piercing that is positioned beneath the septum just above the midpoint of the upper lip. These piercings are also known as philtrum piercings because the groove in your upper lip is occasionally termed a philtrum.

There are numerous types of lip piercings, apart from the philtrum. The Labret, Monroe, and Madonna piercings can be found on either the lower or upper lip. 

The medusa piercing follows the same procedure as any other piercing: sit in the chair, be marked up, check the placement, insert the needle through your lip, and so on. 

In most cases, this piercing is carried out with a hollow 14 or 16 gauge piercing needle. The recovery time for that kind of body piercing differs, however it normally takes 6-10 weeks for a medusa piercing to recover properly. Before receiving your piercing, experts advise speaking with a piercing specialist about the body piercing recovery process, medusa piercing scars or inflammation, and appropriate cleaning techniques.

To prevent contamination make sure to follow the piercing aftercare instructions. If you're still encountering pain from your medusa piercing after 2-3 weeks, see your doctor ensure your body piercing is healed appropriately. The pain of a Medusa piercing is influenced by your pain tolerance.

The discomfort from a Medusa piercing can last anywhere from 6 - 8 days. The cost of a Medusa piercing is determined by where you reside and which piercing facility you picked. There is a variety of medusa piercing jewelry options available, some of which are more expensive than a conventional flat back labret lip ring.

Allergic responses to medusa piercing jewelry are possible and may manifest as redness, erythema, swelling, or increased pain. Consult with a piercing professional to determine whether getting a medusa lip piercing is the best option for you before proceeding. 

Medusa Piercing Pros and Cons

Medusa Piercing Pros 

It is a universal piercing that draws attention due to its location. It accentuates the lovely lip contour to perfection. It is appropriate for both men and women. It looks fantastic when paired with stunning jewelry, and it is also suitable for use in conjunction with other piercings such as nose piercing and labret piercing (lower lip).

Because it is performed on a groove, the Medusa piercing helps to draw attention to your face shape and facial features. In today's society, it's important to have different looks in order to be noticed. As a result, people favor various piercing styles and trends. 

In all parts of the world, Medusa piercing is getting more popular. Medusa was given the name by a renowned Canadian hairdresser in reference to a famous street in California. Because of its unusual position and appearance, it is gaining appeal.

Medusa Piercing Cons

During the recovery phase, it takes a great deal of care. The symmetry of your face may be compromised if this piercing is not done correctly. It might not be suitable for everyone's face shape. When the jewelry is recurrently in contact with your teeth, this piercing may cause tooth and gum deterioration. This kind of piercing costs more than other piercing types because it requires more competency and care.

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