Empire zoysia grass Maintenance, Seed, Problems, Reviews

Empire zoysia grass mainly found in Perth can withstand a lot of wear and tear and requires less mowing than the various other turfgrass. Since it is not frost-resistant, it performs well in temperate areas, north of Perth along the coastal plains. Empire Zoysia is an innovative medium-bladed, deep green zoysiagrass that is smooth, elegant, and simple to cultivate. 

It has high wear resistance, needs fewer mowing and chemical treatments, and is resilient to chinch bugs. More notably, Empire Zoysia is able to mitigate the risk of lasting damage to a lawn when water is shut off. Empire Zoysia is an excellent alternative for lawns in southern homes. Get a fabulous, easy-to-maintain lawn when you choose Empire Zoysia grass, since others are not well adapted to this environment. 

Empire zoysia grass Maintenance

Empire zoysia requires about one inch of water a week considering natural rainfall. Fertilizers should be watered well after being applied. Overwatering results in a disease outbreak. In order to have an estimation of how much water is being delivered to a different area of the lawn, you should conduct an irrigation audit. Apply a dormant herbicide when the soil temperature reaches 55º F. By using this pesticide you can eradicate summer annual weeds like crabgrass and goose grass from the grass.

Empire zoysia grass Maintenance, Seed, Problems, Reviews

Empire zoysia grass Seed

Empire Zoysia is known for growing at a slower pace than other turf varieties. This means less mowing and cleaning for you and less invasion of nearby garden beds. Empire Zoysia will reach maximum height during summer or early autumn, requiring little care in winter. Because of its slower growth rate and deep root system, Empire Zoysia needs regular feedings of fertilizer to keep its color scheme as it establishes roots. All the grasses produce seeds and the ones that grow in Empire Zoysia are purple. Normal mowing can help to reduce the presence of seeding.

Empire zoysia grass Problems & Reviews

Empire Zoysia typically builds up a thick thatch layer after several years of growth. This thatch must be managed mechanically to keep the grass uniform. This process is most often done with a vertical power mower or vertical core aerator. 

Recent research on some of the finer-textured Empire Zoysia has shown promising results with mowing methods that alternate between conventional mowing and vertical mowing. Empire Zoysia is plagued by various insects and plant pathogens. To grow a high-quality lawn, it is necessary to control at least one or more of these problems on a periodic basis.

One of the most dangerous insects is the hunting billbug. Billbugs are able to quickly devastate the roots and grass areas. Periodic chemical control may be required for billbugs. Empire Zoysia can also be damaged by lawn caterpillars. The most common pests on Empire Zoysia are nematodes. 

These soil worms are microscopic and can undoubtedly destroy the entire grassroots if not controlled. Empire Zoysia grass problems could include dollar spots, brown patches, and rust. These are typically repressed within rich, well-drained, and well-watered turf.

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