What is a huarizo llama alpaca?

Huarizo is an animal that has features of llama and alpaca as a cross product. The end product is a fiber that is of a lower density grade than acceptable and therefore less competitive to textile manufacturers. These fibers obtained are thicker and heavier than that of both the alpaca and llama fibers. Huarizo fabric is a crocheted material that is normally mixed with other fibers, like polyester. 

In addition to the fact that the hair is wavy, thick, and elastic, the hair also has a natural curl, which ensures that the hair is suitable for use with other products. The fine wool of the Huarizos is generally used for clothing.

Huarizo are inert in the natural environment, but current scientific testing carried out at Minnesota Rochester University indicates that a slight genetic change can be made to preserve fertility. Huarizos are not popular though; since they have neither the soft wool of the alpaca (though they are more fluffy than llamas) nor the long energetic trekking legs of the llama, they are really not the greatest of either breed.

What is a huarizo llama alpaca?

  1. Huarizos live at high altitudes in the high mountains of South America. 
  2. As for Huarizo, they are ruminants. 
  3. Huarizo is more closely related to llamas.
  4. Huarizo is friendly, energetic and inquisitive.
  5. Huarizo are suitable pets and can easily be trained.
  6. Huarizo are herd animals that are resistant to social isolation. When they are in solitude they like to live with other animals, namely, llamas, goats, and sheep.
  7. Huarizo furs are remarkably smooth and do not absorbs moisture.
  8. Huarizo never bit humans unless they are being abused.
  9. If they are in danger they will scream and make a weird hooting sound.
  10. The Huarizo's long, loud, harsh cries sound like a large, warbling bird.

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