What is a fata morgana superior mirage?

This article focuses on the phenomenon of a mirage, which typically happens in the open ocean, but can often be seen on land. It is named after the Arthurian legend named Morgan Le Fay, who said he used these photographs in her witchcraft to attract unsuspecting sailors.

This mirage is the source of all sorts of amazing sightings, from the mountains in the middle of the sea to ships that seem to be flying and it may also be the source of Flying Dutchman stories.

The legend of the Flying Dutchman is said to be an abandoned sailing ship, whose crew continues to sail the seas forever. According to historians, the story originates in the 17th century. Also, in recent years, some people have seen eerie lights coming from the ghost ship as the Flying Dutchman signals the deceased for help. There is a myth that seeing a Flying Dutchman is a sign of death at sea.

The majority of experts today agree that the Flying Dutchman can be clarified by the theory of Fata Morgana. It is well established that such mirages can make ships afar off look like they are well above the water and so it is logical for sailors to see this mirage in the sixteenth century and beyond and to suppose it is miraculous, not aware of this natural occurrence.

What is a fata morgana superior mirage

In order for the Fata Morgana to emerge, the environmental conditions must be correct. It begins with a cold air mass close to the soil or the surface of the water, which is surrounded by a higher atmospheric warm air layer. Although Fata Morgana can take place on land, but it is more frequent at sea because water assists to make the necessary cool air layer.

In a case of the Fata Morgana effect, beams of light traveling through the warm and cold air masses are bent oddly so that the mirage appears. Usually, the image is based on a real object that became bizarre in some way, such as a ship far off in the distance. People report that they see floating ships, ships flying on backside or even masses of land which are not truly present. Often people record even flying towns, but it's a matter of question if sky-bound towns are Fata Morgana or some other unique weather phenomena. Interestingly, the further you are from Fata Morgana, the higher the mirage tends to be.

The night the Titanic sank, atmospheric conditions were correct and the view of the iceberg that sent the ship and its passengers to their watery grave may have been obstructed by a false horizon. 

Fata Morgana is most commonly found at sea and in some areas it is more widespread than others. For example, Fata Morgana often appears during the summer season in the Antarctic regions of McMurdo Station. 

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