Are bourbon red turkeys domesticated?

The Bourbon Red is a type of turkey native to the Bluegrass region of Kentucky, named after the region where it was first raised. This bird was created by crossing between Buffs, Bronze, and Whites. Bourbon Reds were selectively bred for their meat-producing qualities and was a dominant variety of turkey industry throughout the 1930s and 1940s. Like many other turkey varieties, it dropped significantly after the commercial adoption of the Broad Breasted White turkey.

The Bourbon Red is really a lovely and nice bird. It has a red plumage with white areas and a dark red tail. The feathers of the tail have red crossbars near the end. The Bourbon Red is an attractive bird that can be used for both exhibitions and for the backyard. They are active foragers and would likely thrive in a pasture system due to their predatory instincts. Due to the bright pinfeathers, there is no residue of a pigment with the dark follicles like the bronze Turkey, and these fabulous birds also have an attractive carcass. Bourbon Red turkeys are stylish. They have light red to brown plumage with white tail feathers. The tail has soft red bands near the edge.

The wattle of the throat is crimson red, the beard is black, and the shanks and toes are pink, changing to bluish-white. Even so, the Bourbon Redbird has not been selected in recent years for its production attributes. This may result in a smaller bird than the standard. Careful selection will help to increase the population by returning this variety to its former glory.

Are bourbon red turkeys domesticated?

Due to their size, Bourbon Reds are more appropriate for meat products compared to other turkeys. Tom turkeys grow up to a weight of 32 pounds. Your turkey might be greater than your dog! Completely grown hens weigh about 18 pounds.

Nearly all turkey keepers report their Bourbon Reds to be exceptionally friendly and sweet. Sometimes a male can be more aggressive or territorial towards other males. As far as interacting with other creatures is concerned, Bourbon Reds are friendly birds with an outgoing and affectionate personality. Since meat is the main objective for breeding these turkeys, producers won't be disappointed by the quantity they provide.

According to several turkey keepers, Bourbon Reds may often be a little difficult to pluck, but their meat is worth it. The cycle of turkey egg production is more complicated than that of chickens and less consistent.

Bourbon Reds hatch at about 7 to 8 months of age and are sexually mature between that age. Hens may lay some eggs at the beginning of winter but then will stop laying during cold, dark nights. Individual egg production in turkeys can vary considerably based on weather and broodiness. This can lead to anywhere from 160-180 eggs per year from a single hen.

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