Dr ho belt Pros and Cons

Dr. Ho's Decompression Back Belt is already accepted by Medicare and it was launched in April 2012 in the United States. This confirms that Medicare programs will now offer back pain patients to obtain their own Dr. Ho belt. Dr. Ho's Decompression Back Belt may be the first belt developed by a doctor to offer non-surgical traction and decompression treatment as a therapeutic device prescribed by a doctor intended to provide orthopedic treatment.

Decompression is an advanced approach used for upper and lowers back pain management by healthcare experts. Dr. Ho's Back Belt decompression therapy is used for more than a century by physicians but is usually costly, time-consuming, and restrictive.

The Decompression Back Belt works to relax the lower back muscles by stretching and decompressing, reduces the pressure off the back, and providing relief from pain. It imitates the treatment that a patient would obtain at the clinic of a chiropractor by inflating to provide the spine with core support and comfort along with clinical-grade traction, to help patients with back pain relieve and control their lower back pain. The belt is engineered to be sufficiently light and comfortable to be used in daily operations.

Dr. Michael Ho, president and founder of Dr. Ho's, stated that 'with my back belt, patients can proactively get the therapy they need at home, rather than returning from each visit to their health practitioner.' "Patients with chronic back pain will wear this belt and get back to their routine lifestyle now that the belt is obtainable through Medicare. Users can be more productive and do more stuff they love to do without experiencing pain, pressure, and stress."

Dr. Ho Decompression Belt operates by supplying therapeutic traction and decompression to the back. A relaxed spine means that after use you or your patients have more mobility and movement. The decompression belt helps to relieve a variety of back-pain problems, including both acute and chronic back pain, disc herniation, leg pain associated with degenerative disks, scoliosis-related pain, or sports injuries during golf, football, baseball, and tennis.

Over a significant period of time, this back support belt has been studied extensively and noted for key characteristics, such as the potential to decompress the lower back joints and spinal discs, the capacity to assist and maintain upper body weight off the lower back, enhancing flexibility by strengthening the lower back, strengthening the core, and relieving lower back pressure.

Dr ho belt Pros:
  • Effective Lower back pain relief
  • Decompression of Clinical-Grade
  • Helps with recovering from sports injuries associated with the backbone
  • Comfortable and easy to wear and
  • Decompresses for long-term relief of lower back joints
  • Supports the Herniated disks Healing Process
  • Lower back stabilization for enhanced posture
  • Can be used under clothing easily
  • Dr. Ho Decompression Belt works by providing the back with therapeutic traction and decompression.
  • The decompression belt helps to alleviate a number of back pain issues, including both acute and chronic back pain, disc herniation, degenerative disc-related leg pain, scoliosis-related pain, golf, football, baseball, and tennis sports injuries.

Dr ho belt Cons:
  • If it is not included in your healthcare insurance plan then it might be costly for you.
  • It's not accessible or you might be in an area where you can not buy or order it.
  • Its usage is limited to certain back-bone problems.

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