Pros and Cons of over the muscle implants

There are several choices to be taken if you are seeking breast augmentation surgery. The size of the implants to be used, as well as the form of implant, must be considered by patients who would like to undergo their surgery.

Many patients do not understand that they will still have to decide where they want their implant to be positioned, either above or below the chest wall muscle. Positioning is important since, if necessary, the chest muscle can provide extra support for the implant and, if needed, can also adjust the appearance of the breast.

Women with smaller breasts may consider placing the implant under the muscle of the chest. Doing that would reshape the breast by smoothing the lines formed by an implant, giving it a natural shape.

Placing any saline implants below the chest muscle is also recommended. The chest muscle will actually shield the implant from damages and keep it looking as normal as possible since saline implants are usually stiffer than silicone implants.

The benefit of putting your implant just above chest muscle is that since your chest muscles are flexed, and your implant is not compromised, your breast appearance will not be altered. In fact, the patients looking for muscle implants above are patients who have selected silicone implants and have a large volume of natural breast tissue of their own. 

The muscle of the pectoralis minor is much smaller and lies under the pectoralis major's outer parts. Along the edges of your chest wall lies the serratus muscle. Between the slides of this muscle, the key sensory nerves come to your breast to penetrate the rear of your breast tissue and then to the rest of your breast. The implants are mounted on top of the pectoralis minor and serratus muscles by most surgeons, just below the pectoralis major muscles.

Pros and Cons of over the muscle implants

Pros and Cons of over the muscle implants

Following are the pros of Pros of over the muscle implants,

  • This could be an ideal choice for women with a modest amount of breast tissue, providing very healthy breasts that fit well. It is normally simpler to recover than when the implants are put in a sub-muscular role. Usually, final results are obtained in a matter of a few weeks.
  • As the implant is positioned under the breast glands but over the pectoral muscles, breast reconstruction is simpler to conduct and less risky.
  • When you flex, there's no chance of distortion.
  • Because the underlying muscle is left untouched, post-operative healing appears to be less stressful and requires less time.
  • Using the sub-glandular method, a plastic surgeon will produce further cleavage.

Following are the cons of over the muscle implants,

  • Use of smoother implants in a sub-glandular location very often (up to 70 percent) results in capsular contracture, and when used in thinner women with small breasts, swirling may be evident in the outer and inner sections of the breasts. When they are positioned over the muscle, it is often easier to see the upper edges of the implants.

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