Pros and Cons of tanning while pregnant

It's not a surprise that there are multiple hormonal shifts in a woman's body throughout pregnancy. A special hormone, i.e., the production of melanin, is triggered which influences pigmentation. In consequence, the so-called "spots of pregnancy" - Melasma occurs.

These spots become larger caused by the actions of UV radiation since they are able to enhance the development of adrenal gland hormones, thyroid gland hormones, male hormones in a woman's body and therefore trigger a risk of interference and other pregnancy complications.

Sun's rays, but on the other hand, leads to vitamin D production in the body. It monitors trace elements
exchange: magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. Moreover, it prevents osteoporosis from developing in the future mother and rickets in the future boy. 

Pros and Cons of tanning while pregnant

Pros and Cons of tanning while pregnant:

Vitamin D, which is essential for the body, is produced under the impact of UV rays. Vitamin D stimulates hair growth, strengthens bone and nail quality, all due to the fact that without this nutrient, phosphorus and calcium are poorly processed in the body.

The rays of the sun also assist hematopoiesis and skin regeneration processes. In this case, melanin, which is created in tanned the skin helps prevents infrared rays with radiation properties from penetrating. And because it's almost impossible to fully prevent the exposure of the sun in high summer, tan becomes a good type of skin coverage.

Data also suggest that sunlight leads to the reduction of many skin conditions, such as acne and psoriasis. During all nine months, the hormonal history of pregnant women struggle with changes that most frequently lead to acne. At the same time, therapy with strong drugs at this time are forbidden.
Thus, one of the best ways to avoid and lessen the number of blemishes on the body is the sun's rays.

Many women experience venous dilation during pregnancy as well. Solar baths have the essential property to reinforce the vascular network in the early stages of the disease. Tanning during pregnancy. it will make you like a lovely pregnant lady, the blue pool, with sun tanning

During pregnancy, Tan is also beneficial because it increases immunity. This would lead to a sharp reduction in the number of potential respiratory diseases, such as ARVI and ARD, which will be very important to avoid during pregnancy. The effect of sunlight speeds up the physiological functions, so the woman does not accumulate extra fat.

The influence of the sun has, in general, a beneficial influence on immunity. Since you already understand, there are multiple hormonal shifts in a woman's body throughout pregnancy. A specific hormone that causes pigmentation, in particular, is triggered. As a consequence, pregnant women (with a certain genetic susceptibility) may develop pigmentation spots due to the increase in estrogen levels. And, as a rule, their shape and position depend directly on the time spent in the sun.

Open areas are the most susceptible: face, hands, ears, low neck area. Gradually, without pathological
changes, pigmentation evolves. It can be dark and bright. The spots pale within a a couple of months after childbirth.

It is important to minimize the effect of direct sunlight to prevent such manifestations on the skin. And in addition, in any weather, it is desirable to take precautionary measures and apply photo-protection moisturizers, especially in the summer season.

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