Micro bead hair extensions pros and cons

Remy hair, which is 100 % pure human hair, is made from micro bead fibers. Thanks to very tiny and concealed beads, they attach to the head. Lying flat on the head and adding volume and weight, the hair is clamped into place. There are no crippling techniques involved and it does not take too much time for the application. Various lengths and colors are available from which to choose. 

The method of applying micro bead hair extensions is easy, but to assure it is properly done, it must be done by a specialist. All they'll do is, alongside Remy hair extensions, lock your natural hair into a very small bead. The hair is clamped together using a pair of pliers. The pliers utilized do not harm any of the hair, so you do not have to think about it. They are also easy to adapt as your natural hair develops and the removal process is also quick and secure. In a professional salon, the entire application process will take about 1 to 2 hours to complete. 

With this procedure, you will come back for maintenance every 4-6 weeks, which includes pressing up the hair extensions to assure they are kept tidy and causing no stress / harm on your natural hair. You can continue doing maintenance until you feel like you need to replace (or remove) the hair. 

Micro bead hair extensions pros and cons

When you have shorter hair, you will cherish micro bead hair extensions. When it comes to cutting the extensions, you can pick from various length choices. Before having extensions, it is advised that your natural hair is near to shoulder length and this will allow them to mix and look nice with your natural hair. The last thing you want is to show the attachments or appear unnatural. 

For individual 1-gram fibers, micro bead hair extensions are added. How many extensions of micro bead hair you would need relies on what you'd like to accomplish. For example, it's recommended to go with 73 to 95 strands if you want to add any volume to your natural hair or highlights. You would have to raise the strands by up to 120 strands if you want to add some length and volume as well. If you really want your hair to look dense and delectable, you can increase it to as many as 150 strands. 

You can also design them just like your real curls when you have micro bead hair extensions. The good aspect is that you are able to stretch and twist your hair using heating equipment. It is often advised, for example, to keep heat away from tips close to tape hair extensions. But when it comes to micro bead hair extensions, there are no genuine limits on this. Furthermore, without fear of someone seeing the attachments, you can tie your hair up. Near to the scalp, the beads are tiny and concealed. 

In general, with frequent care, you can wear micro bead extensions for a long time. It can last up to six or twelve months for a lot of the Remy microbead hair extensions. It is advised to avoid hair products dependent on oil and to use them near to the beads. 

A nice thing about hair extensions with micro beads is that they are reusable. This means you can certainly get your money's worth until you shell out for the Remy hair extensions. 

One of the reasons why micro bead hair extensions are loved by customers is that they will not harm your natural hair. This means that, though you enjoy wearing tight and delectable extensions, your hair will grow healthily. They are used without the need to use heating instruments, adhesive or any other chemicals. What's more, they will not place pressure on your natural hair when they are added. They are soft and compact, meaning they are not going to tug or feel awkward. 

Micro bead hair extensions pros:

Applying the extension using this method is secure. The adhesives or sewn in techniques that have been suspected of harming one's hair do not need to be used. Compared to styles like fusion, where you have to use an adhesive remover, they are easier to remove. Since the method uses the attachment style of the individual strand, you get to appreciate the individual strand attachment's bouncy and attachment. 

They last longer than any other strategies and are similar to how long the extensions of human hair last. The bonds will remain on your hair for a long time while retaining their softness. You can dye your hair and not be worried that your hair will be ruined. 

Micro Bond lets you style your hair as though it were your own. As for other extensions, you don't have to think about using heat on your head. Only remember to use medium heat and do not directly place the heat on your head. 

Micro bead hair extensions cons:

If you have unhealthy hair, the hairstyle isn't good for you. After the application, some individuals complain of headaches. Although most individuals say they are healthy, they're not healthy to use on your fine or thin hair.

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