How fast can a swordtail run?

The male green swordtail develops to an average total length of 14 centimeters (5.5 in) and the female to 16 centimeters (6.3 in). The name 'swordtail' originated from the oblong lower lobe of the male caudal fin (tailfin). Sexual dimorphism is mild, the female being bigger than that of male, but lacking the 'sword.' The wild form is olive light green, with brownish-red lateral streaks and specks on the dorsal and sometimes caudal fins. The male's sword is yellow in color, tipped in black below. Selective breeding has produced many different shades, like black, red, and many variants, for an aquatic hobby.

As far as speed is concerned, there is no specific documented speed of swordtail; however, data shows that swordtail unique characteristic is that it breeds at an exponential rate. The green swordtail enjoys fast-flowing, sparsely vegetated streams, and rivers, and it is also present in hot springs and canals. Its diet includes both vegetation and crustaceans, pests, and annelid worms.

How fast can a swordtail run?

They reach maturity at two months of age from birth. It is easy to breed swordtails since they are live bare-tailed male swordtails with a flat anal fin and broad sword females with the round anal fin. The male will pursue the female for about a month; the male swordtails follow the females to mate. Males can attack other male swordtails in the pool to prove their dominance; after a particular time, you'd see the females belly big as she gets more babies, her belly gets darker. When the female is full of babies, she will get a dark spot on her abdomen.

Among the most popular tropical reef fish, the green swordtail was bred into several hybrid types for aquatic hobby due to its toughness and viability for local tanks.

X. Hellerii is a common laboratory species and was being used as
a test subject in research studies involving female selection and male rivalry.

It's also referred to as XHelleri (with one 'i'), but the authorities consider this an orthographic mistake and two 'i's spelling to be a true specific epithet. It is named after Karl Bartholomew.
Heller, who collected the sample form. Owing to the interbreeding of the Southern Platyfish or 'platy,' the majority of swordtails in terrariums are hybrids to some degree.

It has been found that elongated caudal fins of males have a substantial effect on their matting chances. The presence of a well-endowed male stimulates female maturity, thus inhibiting adolescent males' maturity in the vicinity of the well-endowed male.

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