What is orange oil termite treatment?

Termites cost homeowners trillions of dollars in losses, therapies, and maintenance per year. Although conventional termite treatments are exceptionally successful in removing and managing termite colonies, homeowners who are environmentally sensitive always seem to go in search of more natural pest control options.

One prevalent phenomenon today on the market is the treatment of orange oil. Orange oil is an orange rind extract and is widely used in cleaning solutions and in food additives. D-limonene is the active ingredient in the treatment of orange oil, which kills termites on contact by breaking down their exoskeleton and destroying their eggs.

It has low toxicity and more biologically safe than other options for termite control. Efficient against hive beetles, termites, bed bugs, and wood-boring beetles Without any need to step out during care at night.

No need during therapy to remove plants or board pets. No need to bag food or pharmaceutical supplies when being treated. No possible damage to roof tiles from treatment.

What is orange oil termite treatment?

Treatments with orange oil are successful only against dry wood termites because these pests live and colonize the wood they infest. As these pests live in the soil and come only to feed on wood, they are not successful against subterranean termites. Treatments with orange oil will start with a termite inspection to assess the form and extent of the infestation.

The technician will drill a hole into the wood and treat the infested areas until the areas of termite damage and activity are found. Orange oil is then injected into these drilled holes where it spreads through capillary action across the wood beams, moving in all directions via porous cells.

In short, orange oil actually kills termites, but its efficacy is minimal. It is called a secondary spot treatment since it only works when applied to areas with active infestations. It will continue to eat any termites that remain undetected and untreated, continuing the damage to your house. Because of this, different therapies are commonly required. The whole termite colony is not destroyed by these procedures, leaving your home vulnerable. Complete structure treatment (fumigation) is a guaranteed method of exterminating termites entirely from a structure. The entire house is cleaned at once during fumigation.

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