Why is my bearded dragon's beard black?

 Have you really observed that the Bearded Dragons beard can turn black on certain instances, and often their entire body, too? Often it can be difficult to grasp precisely why they are doing this. We will take a good look at the explanations why a bearded dragon beard will turn black in this post and specifically what this action will mean in each of the particular situations.

So, why does the beard of the Bearded Dragons turn black? It is normal to control body temperature when a bearded dragon makes it's beard black. Another obvious theory for Bearded Dragons to turn their beard black is because they feel unsafe or frightened, to show offensive behaviour.

Now let's look at all the scenarios where your Bearded Dragon may want to transform it's beard black to figure out what might be dangerous situations. Obviously, the external heat/light source becomes their basking bulb in captivity. The temperature in the tank is much lower throughout the morning because the lights have been off during the night, so your Dragon will always turn its beard or entire body black to consume as much heat and light as possible to get back in the shortest amount of time to the appropriate temperature.

Why is my bearded dragon's beard black?

If you note that on a morning your Bearded Dragon becomes a blackish colour and eventually returns to its natural colour after a few hours of basking, then this will typically be the explanation for this. This is nice and fairly normal, but you just need to make sure that the tank temperatures are correct. And at night, they get the right amount of heat and light so that they can digest and grow their food properly.

Only 2 viable answers to this condition exist. The first is to acquire a new tank and break the Dragons into different tanks. To be frank, this is what I would recommend from the very beginning. You are still risking issues at any stage if you have more than Bearded Dragon in the same tank.

You will also need to keep them in different rooms in the house because the dominance behaviour may also occur as they can still be each other, and it will trigger tension for both Dragons. The second alternative is to offer a nice home to one of the Bearded Dragons. This may sound a little heartless, but you really have no other choice if you can't break them into different tanks.

You should not hold them in the same tank as either Bearded Dragon is not safe and the stress it will create will have a negative impact over the long term, particularly on the less dominant one.

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