How do i know if my hedgehog is pregnant?

Symptoms that your female hedgehog might become pregnant involve weight gain and increased appetite throughout weekly weigh-ins. You'll find that the female hedgehog comes out to eat more in the middle of the day, and you'll see she's putting on more weight. In the last week or so, her belly will get big and round before childbirth. Her stool may seem different, probably larger. By collecting the bedding and putting that in the pet carrier, she'll start developing a nest.

All these signals mean that the female hedgehog is expecting an offspring, but sometimes they surprisingly don't display any one of these common signs and amaze us by delivering hoglets.

Remember, do not let your excitement get the most out of you when you notice all the little peeps emerging from the nest box. For the first week or so, keep the female hedgehog isolated, allowing her chance to bond with kids. Disturbance and disruptions can end in the female hedgehog losing or even killing her young.

The effective recording is important. Weigh the female hedgehog indefinitely until it is introduced to the male hedgehog. When breeding occurs, which typically takes place on the first day, the gestation period is about 34 to 36 days. It may be more or less a couple of days, but the average is 35 days.

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