Pyoderma Faciale Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Pyoderma faciale is a dermatological condition which involves skin surface. It does not occur commonly in people. Usually it occur in young adult women. Pyoderma faciale resembles a lot with rosacea fulminans but these two are different conditions. It closely resembles with acne (severe acne) and rosacea. The features which makes it different from severe acne include

  • It is not only confined to face and can occur on other parts of body too.
  • It does not occur only on oily skin as acne usually occur on oily skin types.
  • Its onset is abrupt.
  • It does not affect males and occur commonly in females.
  • It does not get worse because of comedones.
  • It occurs and persist usually more than a year.

The qualities which makes it different from rosacea fulminans are;

  • It does not cause flushing
  • It has no affect on eyes
  • It usually occur in younger women.

It is a rare condition and involved the cutaneous layer of skin. Basically the presentation of pyoderma faciale resembles a lot with severe acne and rosacea fulminans and this resemblance makes the diagnosis very difficult. The causes of these conditions and treatment strategies are also different for these 3 dermal conditions.

Pyoderma Faciale Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Pyoderma Faciale Symptoms

The symptoms of pyoderma faciale are localized and are not systemic. The presentation of pyoderma faciale shows sudden formation of papules on skin surface. Other than papules, there may be pustules and cysts too. The nodules appearing on skin may be painful. These may occur on any part of body not specifically on face. The part of body where these papules occur, the red colored cyanotic centrofacial erythema also occurs. It makes the skin red in color. There may be inflammation of of skin along with erythema. These lesions or pustules may leave scars on skin which will take time to clear completely.

Pyoderma Faciale Causes

The etiological factors are not sure but there are some causes which may lead to sudden onset of pyoderma faciale. Women using oral contraceptive pills and during pregnancy are more prone to pyoderma faciale.  Mostly inflammatory bowel disease also leads to formation of pyoderma faciale. Some rare cases are also reported helicobacter pylori infection, erythema nodosum  and liver and thyroid diseases. Other than these conditions some useful vitamins may also be responsible for causing pyoderma faciale. Pegylated interferon alpha B2 and ribavirin are the causative e agents. Other than these, vitamin B12 and B6 high doses are also responsible for causing pyoderma faciale.

Pyoderma Faciale Treatment

Pyoderma faciale persist more than a year and longer than that. The treatment is selected according to the cause of pyoderma faciale. As it is a skin infection so antibiotics will be used to treat this condition. Oral antibiotics are used usually. Other than antibiotics, steroids are also used for pyoderma faciale. The steroids used should be systemic and isotretinoin is also used. The combination of these medications is used for the complete removal of pyoderma faciale. This combination of drugs if administered for 3 to 6 months, can completely heal this condition.

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