Juvenile Gigantomastia Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Juvenile gigantomastia is a rare and benign condition in which the size of breast abnormally increase during adolescence. It may occur on either side of breast. The exact cause behind this condition us unknown and the factors which contribute towards it's occurrence include puberty, secondary to medications and pregnancy. This condition specifically occurs in women and does not occur in men. The breast growth is normal and take about years to develop fully. In juvenile gigantomastia, the breast grows bigger in size within days. The growth is faster than usual and the breast grows bigger in size within days.

Patient may experience pain in breast, back pain, infection and some posture problems. Juvenile gigantomastia is a benign condition which cause physical disability if not treated. It is non cancerous and does not spread. Is some cases, juvenile gigantomastia may resolve on it's own after some specific time period but if not, then breast reduction surgery or mastectomy is performed as a treatment. Breast hypertrophy and macromastia are the other names of this condition. It is a simple condition, not much complicated with a proper simple treatment plan. It is not common and rarely occur in young girls during the phase of puberty.

Juvenile Gigantomastia Pictures

Juvenile Gigantomastia Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Juvenile Gigantomastia Symptoms

The symptoms of  juvenile gigantomastia are very simple. The common and diagnostic symptom is the enlargement of either side of breast. The abnormal increase in size makes it easier to diagnose. The growth occurs within days. It occurs in girls at the age of puberty and during pregnancy. It does not occur in men. It causes problems in posture. Patient experience pain in the macromastic breast, in shoulders, neck and back. There may be an infection at the site. There may be itching and warmth and redness around breast. Patient feel no sensation at the nipple.

Juvenile Gigantomastia Causes

The exact cause behind this condition is still unknown. The expected causes include the increased sensitivity to female hormones like lactogen and prolactin. Genetics is also a cause. In some cases, juvenile gigantomastia occurs without any reason and the growth is spontaneous. Juvenile gigantomastia shows association with pregnancy and puberty. It may be secondary to some medications like bucillamine, D-penicillamine, cyclosporine and neothetazone. Some of the autoimmune diseases leading to juvenile gigantomastia are chronic arthritis, systemic lupus erythmatosus, psoriasis, hashimotos thyroiditis and myasthenia gravis. All these conditions are the predisposing factors of juvenile gigantomastia.

Juvenile Gigantomastia Treatment

There is not any specific treatment for juvenile gigantomastia. It is treated according to the case. In case of any infection, it is suggested to treat the infection 1st. For these infections and ulcers, antibiotics infused warm dressings and over the counter pain medications are recommended. If it occurs during pregnancy, then there are chances that it may resolve on it's own after delivery of the fetus. If it does not resolve on it's own, then a breast reduction surgery is performed which is known as reduction mammoplasty. During this surgery, the amount of breast tissues is reduced along with dark skin around it.

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