Aquathermia Pad Uses, Time, Directions, Safety

Aquathermia pad is a plastic or rubber pad which contains small channels. As the name indicates, it contains water in it. This water flows through the small channels of pad. This pad may either used as heating pad or cooling pad. If the patient needs to take heating pad (aqua k pad) on any site of body, then hot water is added in the aquathermia pad, and then it is placed on the site. Likewise in case of cool pad, cold water is added to aquathermia pad, and place it on the site. An electrical control unit is also attached along with a motor.

Aquathermia Pad Uses

Aquathermia pad is used as a heating pad for various purposes. Distilled water is used to fill the aquathermia pad. Then this water is heated with the help of motor and electrical control system attached to it. This hot water aquathermia pad is placed on the site. The main conditions for which it is widely used are swelling, redness, muscle pull, muscle sprain and inflammation. Other than these conditions, aquathermia pad is used to relief edema. Other than this, this pad is widely used to relax stiff muscles and contracted muscles of body.

Aquathermia Pad Uses, Time, Directions, Safety

Aquathermia Pad Time

Aquathermia pad is used as a heating pad for various parts of body. This heating pad is used on the upper side of body because it cannot be placed at the under side of body part. There is a specific time period, beyond which blood vessels will start shrinking leading to increased blood pressure. Hot aquathermia pad is applied for 20 to 40 minutes and then it should be removed to avoid vasoconstriction. Human body cannot tolerate this heating aquathermia pad for more than 40 minutes, if it exceeds 40 minutes, patient will start feeling burning sensation and the blood vessels will constrict leading to further complications.

Aquathermia Pad Directions

Aquathermia pad is used for the purpose of heating. It consist of two main nozels through which distilled water is added to this aquathermia pad. Then the motor is generated and the electrical control system heat up the water. This hot water flows through the channels of aquathermia pad. These channels when come in contact with skin and vessels, it transfer heat. These heating pads (aqua k pad) are placed on the top surface of body part. They cannot be placed under the surface of body as heat does not find way to eliminate and there are higher chances of burning skin.

Aquathermia Pad Safety

Talking about the safety of aquathermia pad, the temperature should be maintained for the long term application. Increased temperature of aquathermia pad may burn the skin and the blood vessels may constrict. Due to vasoconstriction, blood pressure may raise. So there is a specific temperature which should be maintained. The ideal temperature set for adults is 45°C. A thin cloth or pillow case should be placed between hot aquathermia pad and skin, as it prevents the direct heat action on skin. Hot aquathermia pad should not be placed for more than 40 minutes. 20 to 40 minutes is the ideal time for application.

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