Male & Female Celebrities With Ugly Feet

Ugly feet are the most embarrassing thing people notice in celebrities. Celebrities too have ugly feet. Ugly feet does not mean having a disease or deformity in foot but it's all about the appearance. Some celebrities does not take care of their feet properly and their feet looks ugly. Sometimes celebrities have six fingers than 5 in their feet. Usually weak feet looks ugly. When veins are prominent on feet it does not looks good. People with improper shape of their feet are the celebrities with ugly feet. Sometimes the size of feet also make them ugly.

Male Celebrities With Ugly Feet

Male celebrities with ugly feet are more in number as compare to female celebrities. As women are more conscious about their beauty as compare to men. It is believed that Hollywood celebrities has the ugliest feet. Most of the celebrities with ugly feet prefer fully covered shoes which covers the ugliness of their feet. Shaquille O'Neal is a famous former foot ball player have the ugliest feet. He is the star of kazaam. He corrected his ugly feet with a surgery and then walk confidently bare footed. Kevin Hart also has ugly feet.

He christano ronaldo is an athlete who is famous for his foot ball play. He has ugly feet because of wearing shoes all the time. Xabi alonso is another athlete who have ugly feet. He is also a football player. James hard is an athlete too who has ugly feet. He has some kind of deformity in his feet. Jesus navas has ugly feet too. Usain bolt is an athlete with ugly feet. He is a fast runner in Olympics. We has won many games but his feet are not worth watching. Likewise Ronaldo nazario has ugly feet. Men have ugly feet because they do not pay much attention to their feet.

Male & Female Celebrities With Ugly Feet

Female Celebrities With Ugly Feet

There are many female celebrities with ugly feet. Female celebrities with ugly feet wear covered sandals to hide their ugly feet. Female celebrities with ugly feet include Halle Berry. Halle Berry is counted in the most beautiful celebrities of Hollywood but her feet are ugly. A well known celebrity named Angelina Jolie also has ugly feet. She mostly wear heels to cover up her feet. Eva herzigova is a famous celebrity but has ugly and dull colored feet. Her feet are black in color and looks different than face and hands.

Michelle yeoh is a model with ugly feet. She has thumb turning inside to the feet. Her nails are not attractive. Kim kardishian is a famous actress with healthy looking feet. Her feet looks bulky and cannot fit in any kind of shoes. That's why her feet looks ugly. Sarah Jessica Parker has ugly feet too. Her feet show veins and wrinkles and lines clearly. Likewise  Jennifer Anniston has ugly feet. Kate hudson, a famous actress of Hollywood industry has ugly feet. Shilpa Shetty, diva of Bollywood industry has ugly feet as well.