Male & Female Celebrities With Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome is a chromosomal disturbance in humans which in turn affects the development process in women. The most common feature of this syndrome is short height. It can be easily seen at the age of 5. Ovarian functions are lost at the early stage. There may be proper development of ovaries but eggs may die prematurely. Along with this most of the ovarian tissues degenerate right before birth. It is a serious syndrome. Most girls do not undergo puberty until they receive hormone therapy. Most of the women with Turner syndrome are infertile and cannot conceive.

Male Celebrities With Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome affects females only because the abnormality in the X chromosome is seen in Turner syndrome. It does not occur in men. There is another syndrome named Noonan syndrome which is considered equivalent to Turner syndrome.

Male & Female Celebrities With Turner Syndrome

In Noonan syndrome, there is a mutation in specific chromosomes but in Turner syndrome, the mutation is in sex chromosomes. Turner syndrome cannot affect males as much as it affects females. So male celebrities are rare with Turner syndrome. There are two main celebrities reported with Turner syndrome. These celebrities include George Washington the hero of America and the 1st president of the United States of America. George Washington was not a hermaphrodite. He was observed with Klinefelter syndrome. He was sterile and cannot reproduce. 

A well-known actor Tom Cruise was also reported with Klinefelter syndrome. There are many reasons which can prove his syndrome. An artist named Einar Andrea changed his gender after surgery. And then he named as Lili Elbe. Lauren Foster was born as a male gender but later on, he changes his gender and decided to be the way he is. Likewise, there are some more famous celebrities who have been reported with Turner syndrome.

Female Celebrities With Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome most commonly affects females. There are many female celebrities who had Turner syndrome starting from Wendy Williams woes. She had Turner syndrome but she continued her carrier as an author, actress, television host, radio personality, and as a fashion designer. Another female celebrity named Towanda Braxton. She has strong masculine facial features for which often people ask about her gender. Another star, Dorothy Marie Jones has asked many times about her gender. She won almost 15 arm wrestling championships.

An athlete named Serena Williams turmoil was reported with Turner syndrome. But this syndrome hasn't stopped her from becoming successful in games. She is a tennis star and married. She gave birth to her child. Kristen Stewart a famous actress in the Hollywood industry is reported with Turner syndrome. Kristen acts more masculine in her relationships with girls. Donatella Versace suffers from Turner's syndrome. She got trapped in the plastic surgery concept. And then after surgery, she started looking more like Val Kilmer.

Celebrities with Mosaic Turner Syndrome

Turner Syndrome is a congenital disorder that results from the partial or complete absence of an X chromosome. Turner Syndrome has two distinct subtypes: classic and mosaic.  

Mosaic Turner Syndrome (MTS) is a female-only genetic condition defined by an uncommon chromosomal sequence. Mosaic Turner Syndrome has a mosaic pattern, with some cells having the characteristic monosomy X while others have a normal chromosomal pattern (XX), in contrast to conventional Turner Syndrome, which results in all cells lacking a completely functional X chromosome (monosomy X).

Turner Syndrome has been identified in various celebrities, including:

Dr. Catherine Ward Melver - a medical genetics doctor who has been practicing in the field of genetics for over 16 years.

Linda Hunt - a Hollywood actress who has won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Missy Marlowe - an American retired gymnast.

Janette Krankie - a Scottish actress and comedian.

Nicole Scherzinger - an American singer, songwriter, and television personality.

Noonan Syndrome Celebrities With Turner Syndrome

Turner Syndrome and Noonan Syndrome are two separate genetic conditions that have some clinical similarities. Here are a few key points about each syndrome:

Turner Syndrome occurs from the absence of one X chromosome in females, whereas Noonan Syndrome is brought on by abnormalities in particular genes involved in the development of the heart and tissues. In contrast to Turner Syndrome, which frequently entails physical characteristics including a webbed neck and a low hairline, Noonan Syndrome is distinguished by distinctive facial features. Turner Syndrome only affects women, but Noonan Syndrome can affect both men and women.

Despite being two different genetic diseases, Noonan Syndrome and Turner Syndrome have several clinical characteristics in common. However, no celebrities are known to have both Noonan Syndrome and Turner Syndrome. Although some famous people, including actors John Lennon and Frankie Muniz, have been diagnosed with Noonan Syndrome, and others, including Olympic gymnast Missy Marlowe and actress Linda Hunt, have been diagnosed with Turner Syndrome, there are no known cases of people who have both syndromes.