Male & Female Celebrities With Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are long narrow striations or streaks which appear on skin surface. Stretch marks are most common and appear on body of almost every person. Stretch marks appear when body suddenly stretch like at the time of puberty. Stretch marks commonly affect women as compare to men. The common body parts involved are stomach, lower back, breasts, thighs, hips and underarms. Stretch marks are basically the scars which become permanent when skin cannot get back to its original shape after intense growth. It usually occurs after pregnancy, puberty, weight loss and weight gain. Almost 50 percent of women face problem of stretch marks after pregnancy.

Male & Female Celebrities With Stretch Marks

Male Celebrities with Stretch Marks

Male celebrities who are interested in body building and are gym lovers usually develop stretch marks on body. Male celebrities usually hide their stretch marks by wearing make up on them or using some oils. A famous celebrity named Hugh jack man who worked as a wolverine in Hollywood movie X-men willingly showed his stretch marks in movie. He inspired various other stars of media industry to show their stretch marks. Other celebrities who are willing to show their stretch marks are siddharth Malhotra, Ryan roschke, john dumelo and many more.

Female Celebrities with Stretch Marks

As compare to men, women are more conscious about their stretch marks. So there are various female celebrities who have undergone surgery or finding some kind of treatment for stretch marks. But there are also some female celebrities who are okay with their stretch marks. Some of the celebrities are Halle berry, Cindy Crawford, lady gaga, Britney spears, Victoria beckham, Jessica alba, Shakira, scarlet Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Julia Roberts, Kate winslet, Katie Holmes, Kendra Wilkinson, Jennifer Lopez, Reese wither spoon, Mariah carey, Jennifer Hudson, demi Moore, Kate moss and many more.

Celebrities with Stretch Marks on Stomach

Stomach is the most common site for stretch marks. These usually occur in celebrities who get pregnant or gain weight suddenly. Stretch marks on belly are more common in women as compare to men. So female celebrities with stretch marks on belly are Ashley graham, Chrissy teigen, demi lovato, Denis bidot, Rihanna, Reese wither spoon, lady gaga, Jennifer Lopez, drew Barrymore and many more. Most of the celebrities among them have stretch marks on belly due to pregnancy. As mostly women also gain weight after pregnancy so it is also a main cause of stretch marks on belly.

Celebrities with Stretch Marks on Legs

Most of the female celebrities have stretch marks on thighs because of weight gain and pregnancy. Some of the celebrities embrace their stretch marks and would not mind showing them in public. These celebrities are Kelly Clarkson, Chrissy teigen, Chrissy, Ashley graham, Kim Kardashian, LenaDunham, Jessica alba, Cindy Crawford, Sandra bullock, Kate winslet, demi lovato, AmySchumer and many more. Other than these, here are some male celebrities and wrestlers who have stretch marks on their bodies. These celebrities are Hugh jack man and a Bollywood star siddharth Malhotra.