Scapulalgia Meaning, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Scapulalgia is the term used to describe pain in the shoulder. As the name indicated this condition, scapula is the bone in shoulder also known as shoulder blade. When there is pain in this bone, this condition is termed as scapulalgia. Scapulalgia is not a rare condition, patient may suffer from scapulalgia due to any external reason or cause. It is related to the bone of shoulder, so the causes are related to shoulder blades. It may also occur due to bone injury. Any hard hit or accident of shoulder bone may lead to scapulalgia.

Apparently pain is the main symptom associated with scapulalgia but some other symptoms may include improper movement of shoulder and arm. Arm may not move in all positions. Sometimes the pain becomes unbearable. Basically scapula is the main bone which connects clavicle i.e. collar bone to the humerous which is upper arm bone. So any kind of injury to scapula may make patient suffer a lot. Sometimes the arm becomes completely immobilized. This immobilization leads to various problems. To cover this shoulder pain, there are different treatment plans proposed. But physiotherapy is always necessary in case of any bone problem in any part of body.

Scapulalgia Meaning, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Scapulalgia Causes

There are various causes which may lead to the pain in shoulder. The most common one is any hard external hit or accident of shoulder bone. It may immediately delocalize the bone and cause severe pain. Other main causes may include some medical conditions which ultimately leads to scapulalgia. Chronic fatigue syndrome is another reason for scapulalgia. As patients with this syndrome have greater chances of scapulalgia. Other causes include polymyalgia rheumatica, fibromyalgia, cervical cholecystitis, cervical herniated disc, cervical spondolysis, scapula fracture, tricho, occulo, dermo vertebral syndrome, viral pleurisy and pleurisy. All these causes directly or indirectly leads to scapulalgia.

Scapulalgia Symptoms

Scapulalgia as the term defined, pain in the shoulder. This pain is mainly associated with the scapula bone in shoulder. This pain and the possible causes of scapulalgia may lead to unbalanced posture of body, delocalized shoulder due to injury or accident. Immobilization of arm because scapula is directly attached to the upper arm bone i.e. humerous. Patient can't move his arm in all directions. Because of extreme pain, patient sometimes feel nausea and some GIT issues. Sometimes it effects collar bone too and make it difficult for patient to move his neck And look around freely.

Scapulalgia Treatment

Scapulalgia involves scapula bone and the treatment is assigned according to the underlying cause behind it. Some pain killers are prescribed to treat pain. These pain killers may be in both topical and oral dosage form. According to the underlying cause, patient may sometimes require surgical correction if scapula. In addition to the medical therapy, physical therapy is also necessary. As physical therapy helps a lot in maintaining the movement of shoulder and makes the bones stronger. So patient should continue with both physical and medical therapy. Combination of these two therapies with speed up the recovery time.

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