Greer's goo Dosing, Uses, Side Effects, Recipe

Greer's goo is a topical formulation which is used for rash. It consist of more than two ingredients which acts on rash to relief itching and redness. It is specially designed to treat a condition named intertrigo. It acts as a barrier cream. Intertrigo is a skin condition commonly named as diaper rash in babies. It is composed of three main components I.e. zinc oxide paste, Nystatin powder and hydrocortisone powder. There is a specific quantity of every ingredient used in it's composition. Talking about quantities, 4 million units of Nystatin powder is used, only 4 ounces of zinc oxide paste and 1.2 grams of hydrocortisone powder.

The mixture of these three ingredients acts as a moisture lock barrier on skin. It locks the moisture in skin. A thick coating of this cream is applied on the affected site i.e. rash. Skin should be clean and this mixture is applied directly in skin. Skin rash may occur at various parts of body. Mostly rash occur at inner side of thighs, under breast, under the arms and buttocks. Rash usually occur in winter because the skin becomes dry due to dehydration. People drink less water in winter and this makes the skin dry.

Greer's goo Dosing, Uses, Side Effects, Recipe

Greer's Goo Uses

Greer's goo is a special recipe of three main ingredients which is designed for a condition named intertrigo. Intertrigo is a name used for diaper rash in babies. It is specially designed for this condition. It is used as a moisture barrier. It locks the moisture in skin and relief the symptoms of rash. In adults, it may occur due to dry skin and continuous rubbing of fabric with skin. It usually occur in winter's because of dry skin. It may also used as a moisturizer on all body parts of skin. It also works as an emolient on the surface of skin.

Greer's Goo Side Effects

Greer's goo ointment should be used in a limit and for limited time. It it is applied in a greater quantity for longer period of time, then it may lead to some serious side effects. The common side effects include irritation on skin, patient may feel burning sensation. Hair growth may increase. Due to over usage of this cream, skin dryness may occur. The color of skin may lighten where this cream is applied. There may be stretch marks due to dryness and scaling of skin.

Greer's Goo Recipe

Greer's goo is the combination of three main ingredients. These ingredients include Nystatin powder, hydrocortisone powder and zinc oxide paste. Talking about the quantities of these ingredients, Nystatin powder is used four million units which is the major component. 1.2g of hydrocortisone powder is used and 4 ounces of zinc chloride paste is used. This is the basic recipe of Greer's goo. Apart from this, it can be prepared at home with the help of an anti fungal cream. Equal parts of hydrocortisone cream and athlete's foot cream is used along with heavy quantity of diaper rash cream.

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