Male & Female celebrities With Green Eyes

Eye color is the phenotypic character. It usually depends on two main factors 1st one is the pigmentation of eye's iris and 2nd one is scattering of light dependence by turbid medium of the iris (stroma). The pigment in the iris depends upon the concentration of melanin in the iris epithelium. Green color of eyes is rare. In case of green eyes, the pigment in iris may vary from very light Amber yellow to to a very dark brown with black borders. Green eyes have low to moderate level of melanin in the iris. As high level of melanin gives black color to eyes.

Male & Female celebrities With Green Eyes

Male Celebrities With Green Eyes

Green eyes are rare but in English people, it can be easily seen. So celebrities with green colored eyes include Lance bass, Jude law, jared paladecki, Channing Tatum, Tyler hoechlin, Jensen Ackles, Paul Rudd, Jon Hamm, John krasinski, Eddie redmayne, Jackson rathbone, Jesse Williams, Matthew Morrison, Ian Harding, Tom welling, David Henrie, Tom cruise, Colton haynes, Adrien Brody, Paul wasley, Benedict Cumberbatch and Harry styles. All these celebrities have green eyes. There are more of them but the most famous celebrities are mentioned above. Their green eyes makes them attractive.

Black Celebrities With Green Eyes

Where there are white celebrities with green eyes, black celebrities too have green eyes. Some of the famous black celebrities with green eyes are Leona Lewis (she has mixture of blue and green eyes), Gary dourdan, Tyra Banks (she had mixture of hazel and green eyes), smokey Robinson, Stacey dash ( she has mixture of green and blue eyes), Terrence Howard (he has mixture of green and hazel eyes), Eva pigford (she also has green and hazel mixture), lala Anthony has green eyes, Robert Richard also has pure green colored eyes like Gerald Kelly.

Female Celebrities With Green Eyes

As compare to male celebrities, there are more female celebrities with green eyes. Female celebrities looks beautiful with green eyes. Most of the Bollywood celebrities undergo surgery to change the color of their eyes. Usually they prefer green color because people look attractive in green color. Amanda seyfried has green colored eyes. Scarlett Johansson, Emma stone, Kate hudson, Kristen Stewart, Hayden panettiere, Catherine (dutches of Cambridge) and elizabeth olsen.

All these celebrities have green eyes which makes them attractive. All of the above mentioned celebrities are ranked in the most attractive and gorgeous celebrities of media industry. Drew Barrymore, Claire dones, Lindsay lohan, Alicia Silverstone, Rooney Mara, Amanda bynes, Julianne Moore, Milla jovovich, Jennifer Connelly, Ann Margret, Keri Russel, Clive Owen and Adele all these celebrities have pure green eyes.

The above mentioned celebrities have light concentration of melanin in their eyes. These celebrities due to their eye color are in the list of most beautiful actress of media industry. Talking about green eyes in Bollywood celebrities, Aishwarya Rai and Karishma Kapoor are the famous celebrities of Bollywood with naturally green eyes. Mostly celebrities in Bollywood industry have undergone surgery to change their eye color to green like Kareena Kapoor.